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COMPLETE CH650B Kit (Airframe, Hardware and Finishing Kit)

COMPLETE CH650B Kit (Airframe, Hardware and Finishing Kit)

From: $41,945.00

The CH650B Kit comes with all kit parts to build the airframe AND complete the aircraft to the point where it is ready for engine, upholstery, instruments and paint: The kit includes the factory riveted wing spars, pre-formed sheet-metal parts (ribs, skins, etc.), factory-welded parts, standard fuel system (welded aluminum wing tanks), controls, and hardware required for assembly of the airframe. Most skins are now supplied CNC pre-cut and pre-drilled!

This is the price for collection from Melbourne and INCLUDES:

  • the Drawings and Manuals,
  • The Airframe Kit,
  • The Finishing Kit,
  • Centre Console is now standard,
  • International Crating,
  • all applicable Foreign Transaction Fees,
  • Merchant Fees,
  • Customs Clearance Fees and Duties,
  • Freight and Freight Insurance.  

The only thing not included yet is GST, and that is calculated at the checkout stage.

The kit price changes a little every day as the exchange rate moves every day too.

Keep going through the options to personalize and upgrade your CH650B!

Complete Tool Kit (without pneumatic drill)

Everything you need to complete any of the Zenith Aircraft Kits is included in this tool kit option.  Some of the stuff you will already have, or can easily source locally - Sharpie pens and a measuring tape, for example.  Other specialty tools - Cleco pliers and temporary fasteners - you will absolutely need and do not have.  The rivet gun uses custom machined heads, so you'll need that too.  My advice - just buy this kit and have nice sharp snips and drill bits.  Keep your aircraft tools separate from the rest of your workshop tools and you'll enjoy some nice results.

CH650B Long Range Fuel Tank Option

The standard tanks when combined with the speed an on-airport bias of the 650 design work well enough for most people.  For myself though, more is better.  I'd always get the long-range tanks.

Also, when combined with either of the Viking FWF kits - you will also get another 6L of useable fuel with the included small header tank.

All up, your new fuel capacity will go from 90 liters (standard; without the Viking FWF) to 118 liters (including the header tank).  The extra 28 liters is pretty close to an extra 1.5 hours of flight time.

CH650B Wing Baggage Locker Kit Option

Located inside the wing (behind the spar), the optional Wing Baggage Locker increases “carry-on luggage” space with dual wing baggage lockers.  Each locker measures approx. 19″ (48 cm.) x 16″ (40.5 cm.) x 9″ (23 cm.) tall.  Sold as a SET.

I am told that even though they are very difficult to get to in-flight, the wing baggage locker kit is about the most useful upgrade you can get for your CH650B.  Great for carrying tie-downs, tools, jackets - anything really.  For the price - you're mad if you don't get them.

CH650B Wheel Fairings Kit

New thinner fiberglass wheel fairings increase aerodynamics, and give the aircraft a sleeker look. (For tricycle gear configuration, 5.00×5 wheels).

These absolutely deliver a performance benefit that can be seen.  In my opinion, they are a very good value addition to your kit.  They are fine for grass and other smooth surfaces - but may not survive if tested on rough fields.

Available as a retro fit and these fairings are easy enough to remove if you like.  They are not compatible with the Tail Dragger Kit Upgrade due to the larger tyres supplied with that kit.

CH650B Recessed Electric Aileron Trim Tab Kit Option

Recessed tab located in the left aileron. Electric motor actuation, with push-button control and position indicator.

I feel like you could go either way with this option.  If you buy the Viking FWF then your tanks will generally drain equally and you will not have too many asymmetric weight problems to over come with control input.  Even so, you will sometimes be flying with passengers and your aircraft static trim is only ever good at one speed.

My advice - if you have a little bit of cash still left then this is a good idea.  You will certainly never regret putting it in if you have it - you may regret it if you don't.

You already have the elevator trim (included as standard in your CH650B kit).  Keep the supplied indicators but ditch the panel-mounted buttons for the nice control-stick buttons pictured.  The control stick is not included in this kit, nor do Zenith or Swish Projects supply it - you can find it from SkyShop.  Tell Rod that James says hello!

CH650B Dual Control Sticks Option

This options replaces the standard 'Y' center stick with dual control sticks.

I have the standard 'Y' in my 750 and I quite like it.  You get used to it very quickly and it makes getting in and out of the aircraft easier.

One benefit, I think, of the dual controls would be the opportunity to replace the 'push/pull' style of throttle control with a 'T-bar' style throttle quadrant.  The quadrant would sit in the position that is used by the Standard 'Y' and could be used from both seats.  I find the position of the 'push/pull' throttle handle less than ideal as when it is pulled out (idle and when shut down) it is easy to bump with your knee.

On the downside, dual controls add expense, complexity and weight.

CH650B Tail Dragger Kit Option

For tail-wheel buffs, the tail-dragger gear option replaces the standard tricycle gear, and comes with 6.00 x 6 wheel upgrade.

CH650B Zenith Upholstery Kit

This set is a much nicer upholstery than the basic grey coloured fabric seats that were provided as the older standard option on the Zenith kits.

The padded seats with faux-leather are easy to install and are available in a variety of color patterns. These kits include seat-cushions and seat backs for both seats, a control-stick boot with a "between-the-seats" cover as well as color-matched padded cabin-sides that extend from under the instrument panel to the seat fronts. Each seat back has a full-color "Zenith Aircraft" embroidered logo on the front, and (for the CH 750's) a "map" pocket in the back.

The newer upholstery kits from Zenith are very good, or you may like to check out further customisation options from Lemke Upholstery too. If this personalisation option is not of interest to you, then you will be very happy with these Zenith-supplied seats.

Towbar Kit

These are very handy and work well.  They extend telescopically so they are compact enough to fly with if you ever want to do that.

The only problem with this option is that Zenith suggest you drill through your front strut (see photo) to insert the tow bar.

Check out the linked 'Skytek Towbar Attachment Bracket' for a cheap and easy to install option that does not need you to drill through the gear leg.  I have this on my 750 and it's brilliant.  It took me about 5 minutes to install as a retro-fit.

Park Brake Kit

Park Brake Kits are not a standard inclusion with most aircraft kit manufacturers, so builders are required to develop and fabricate their own.  This system has been developed in-house by Swish Projects to service the needs of all Experimental aircraft builders.  If you have hydraulic disk brakes - then you can use this system.  I have found that the system is perfect for what I want.  I still chock the wheels as I have found that after a few days the brake pressure has dropped and the aircraft can roll.  This system will hold the aircraft in place for hours at a time, but you should always chock the aircraft too.  Also, please not that this design is Swish Projects' design and has not been inspected or validated by Zenith, Zenair or Matco.  This is an 'after-market' item that I developed so that you may avoid all of the research and development that is needed to assemble a kit like this.

The Kit ships with everything you need, and is already pre-assembled.  The aluminum brackets are aircraft grade and CNC milled.

At the core of the kit is the Matco PVPV-D park brake valve supplied with the 1/8" NPT to 1/4" brake line fittings already installed (with thread sealer applied, of course!).  If you do not use the 1/4" brake lines then you can order FOUR 1/8" NPT fittings in the size that you need from Matco or Aircraft Spruce.

The valve is installed onto a two-piece mounting bracket that allows both a flush-fit to any part of your airframe that lines up with your brake lines, or (as I have done in my 750), you can use the supplied channel bracket to raise your park brake assembly to sit over the umbilical of fuel and control lines that runs under your center console.

Installation is as easy as placing the bracket of your choice into the location that you like, and then use the pre-drilled holes as a guide to make your own holes through the aircraft's aluminum skin.  Run the supplied round-head bolts up through the skin and the bracket and tighten up the nyloc to secure.  Cut your brake lines at the correct length, push them into the compression fitting and bleed the air out (using the supplied Aeroshell Fluid 41).  Work out where you want your push/pull park brake handle to go and drill in the hole to install it.  Add your supplied PARK BRAKE panel label and you're all done.

Detailed instructions and packing list can be found HERE.


Dual Brakes Option Kit

The Zenith Dual Brakes Kit is a must-have if you plan to fly from the right seat, or if you plan on receiving instruction in your aircraft.  This light-weight addition includes all you need to upgrade any of the Zenith kit aircraft to permit differential and incremental braking from both seats.


James’ thoughts:

The CH650B is the latest iteration of the original Chris Heintz design that started it all – the CH200 (winner of ‘Best New Design (EACC) way back in 1974).  When you have been incrementally improving a kit for 50 years – then you just know it’s going to be good.  Not just great performance, but easy and quick to build.

They are very easy to get in and out of, they fly beautifully and there’s LOADS of room for even two of the biggest blokes.  The CH650B can be registered as either an Ultralight (<600kg certified MTOW) or VH- registered.  In either case the CH650B has a useful load capacity of 280kg to get you there and back with full fuel.

If it’s a fast aircraft that you are after then you will be amazed with the performance of a CH650B when paired with a Viking 130HP engine.  The optional Viking In-flight adjustable Propeller (VIP) option is well worth considering on this little rocket if the budget goes that far.

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