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Complete Tool Kit (without pneumatic drill)

Complete Tool Kit (without pneumatic drill)


Everything you need to complete any of the Zenith Aircraft Kits is included in this tool kit option.  Some of the stuff you will already have, or can easily source locally – Sharpie pens and a measuring tape, for example.  Other specialty tools – Cleco pliers and temporary fasteners – you will absolutely need and do not have.  The rivet gun uses custom machined heads, so you’ll need that too.  My advice – just buy this kit and have nice sharp snips and drill bits.  Keep your aircraft tools separate from the rest of your workshop tools and you’ll enjoy some nice results.

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The complete tool kit includes all the basic tools you’ll need to get started on building your own kit aircraft.
The tool kit includes:

  • Pneumatic Riveter with Custom Machined Heads, with air regulator valve
  • Spiralux Hand Riveter with Custom Machined Heads
  • “Cleco” temporary fasteners (supplied in recommended quantity)
  • “Cleco” Pliers
  • 4 Toggle Clamps
  • 4 Finger “Handi-Clamps”
  • Drill Bits (#30, #40 and #20, supplied in recommended quantity)
  • Left and Right WISS sheet-metal snips
  • Adjustable (“accordion”) hole spacer (10 holes)
  • Metric tape measure
  • “Sharpie” felt tip markers
  • Vixen “Metal Mover” 8-inch hand file
  • 2 half-round 8-inch hand files
  • Edge distance marker block

Please note:  The Air Drill has been removed from this tool kit option as most people would prefer to use a cordless drill.

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