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CH650B Dual Control Sticks Option

CH650B Dual Control Sticks Option


This options replaces the standard ‘Y’ center stick with dual control sticks.

I have the standard ‘Y’ in my 750 and I quite like it.  You get used to it very quickly and it makes getting in and out of the aircraft easier.

One benefit, I think, of the dual controls would be the opportunity to replace the ‘push/pull’ style of throttle control with a ‘T-bar’ style throttle quadrant.  The quadrant would sit in the position that is used by the Standard ‘Y’ and could be used from both seats.  I find the position of the ‘push/pull’ throttle handle less than ideal as when it is pulled out (idle and when shut down) it is easy to bump with your knee.

On the downside, dual controls add expense, complexity and weight.





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