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CH650B Recessed Electric Aileron Trim Tab Kit Option

CH650B Recessed Electric Aileron Trim Tab Kit Option


Recessed tab located in the left aileron. Electric motor actuation, with push-button control and position indicator.

I feel like you could go either way with this option.  If you buy the Viking FWF then your tanks will generally drain equally and you will not have too many asymmetric weight problems to over come with control input.  Even so, you will sometimes be flying with passengers and your aircraft static trim is only ever good at one speed.

My advice – if you have a little bit of cash still left then this is a good idea.  You will certainly never regret putting it in if you have it – you may regret it if you don’t.

You already have the elevator trim (included as standard in your CH650B kit).  Keep the supplied indicators but ditch the panel-mounted buttons for the nice control-stick buttons pictured.  The control stick is not included in this kit, nor do Zenith or Swish Projects supply it – you can find it from SkyShop.  Tell Rod that James says hello!





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