Over the journey, I have discovered some really great industry partners. These businesses have helped me with my projects and I trust them to help you with yours too. I don’t sell their gear, but they have earned my support and I am happy to publicly share that here. If you do make contact with any of these partners of Swish Projects then please let them know that I put you onto them. Such linkages strengthen my relationship and help me to expand my offering to you and others.

Website Design, Development and Support: Eastcoast I.T.

Glenn at Eastcoast I.T. is a Zenith builder and was quick to point out to me in the early days that my website ‘could use a little work’. He was right – it was terrible. It is only when Glenn worked his magic that I could see just how bad my original web site really was. This new site is amazing. I can modify it myself with ease, Glenn answers my calls quickly and his support is really terrific.


Graphic Design and Artwork: Optical Tripology

Mitch at Optical Tripology is a true artist and genius in the full sense. Maybe these terms are over-used these days, but I cannot think of higher praise for the friggen amazing work that Mitch has produced for me.

My logo (both of them, I couldn’t decide), my aircraft nose-art, the QR codes that link to my website, the aircraft scheme – all Mitch. All of my printed material from business cards and brochures to display tents and table covers – all Mitch. Corporate wear, display boards and stubby holders – all Mitch.

I send Mitch a half-baked idea in a text message and a week later my nose-art is done. I love your work brother.

Mitch is the only person I will use for aircraft painting and he can supply any vinyl wrap design to any CH750 Cruzer, STOL or Super Duty (after all, we have the dimensions!).

Optical Tripology design work

Pilot Training and Technical Support: TVSA

The LAME’s at TVSA worked with me to inspect my kit before it first took flight. They drove out to my farm and worked from there for a very reasonable fee. I actually can’t remember how much it was now, but we’re talking in terms of a few hundred dollars I think.

There’s nothing like the feeling of confidence that comes after two LAME’s have spent the day crawling over every inch of your aircraft. This precaution is one that I took and is entirely optional. They were very thorough.

Even though I now sell the Zenith STOL aircraft – at the time I built mine I had no experience on this sort of aircraft. My brave test pilot, Dan Pearson, from TVSA stepped up to the plate and took Cooper for his maiden flight. Dan then spent a few hours with me bashing the circuit at Bacchus Marsh making sure I was ‘safe solo’ again after a few years out of the seat.

TVSA are a top operation with great mechanics, great instructors and very friendly towards Experimental Aviation.


Pilot Supplies and Kit Sundry: Skyshop

Rod at Skyshop taught me how to fly Trikes about 20 years ago and he is still supporting the lighter end of aviation with the same enthusiasm as he did all that time ago.

No matter what you’re after – if Aircraft Spruce or Wicks have it – then Skyshop probably does too. I have found delivery times to be excellent and prices are always cheaper than shopping through the USA yourself as Skyshop ships daily to Australia.


The Experimental Aircraft Channel has been developed by Bryan Walstrom with the idea of introducing as many different manufacturers and developers to his audience as he possibly can. Bryan is a wealth of knowledge and knows all of the big personalities in the Experimental Aviation sector. Bryan is building a Zenith Cruzer, which is very reassuring for anyone that does not have time to visit every other aluminum kit manufacturer in the USA before deciding what to build (which I would guess is most of us!).

His videos just keep getting better every week. Binge watch them now for a great overview of kits and engines from all over the USA – it will really help you to understand why I chose the suppliers that I have and the confidence that you are getting the best value and best quality in the market.

Experimental aircraft channel

Dean Phillips at Downunderstol.com has been such a terrific ambassador for both Zenith and Viking Aircraft Engines. He is selfless with his time answering questions from Australian customers that are considering a CH701 and his skills at the stick are World-Class. If you are lucky enough to live or visit NZ then you really need to check out his aircraft. Dean is the man to help you in NZ with your Zenith or Viking gear, and we talk regularly on ways to help NZ pilots and builders get the best value machines out there.