If you need to take off on a short and rough strip, fly 600km and take a LOAD of weight (or a third person) – then the Zenith CH750 Super Duty is really the only aircraft that I can think of that will do the job. Unless your budget extends as far as an Augusta twin turbine helicopter – in which case – buy one of them.

The Super Duty stands above all other kits with it’s level of completion and standard inclusions. At first glance it looks like a lot to spend for an extra seat, but the SD is so much more than that.

For one thing, it goes together fast. REALLY fast. I have personally completed a Super Duty in less than two weeks from Quick Build to ready-to-paint. If you don’t purchase the Quick Build options then you’re looking at an extra two or three weeks to catch up. In fairness, I should add that they will be very long days if you want to make this schedule (12 hour days), but it is absolutely achievable and very enjoyable. My only frustration in the process was installing the fuel sender – the retaining ring only lines up with the sender face in one of 5 possible positions. Why? Who knows. Just to annoy me I think. The Super Duty is a very quick kit to assemble with excellent instructions, drawings and photographs. Loads of YouTube content from some very generous creators to guide you along and of course I am never more than a phone call away.

Many of the upgrades that are options on the STOL are standard on the SD. Tail skid, tundra tires, long range fuel tanks – loads of stuff. By the time you price up a fully optioned STOL you may find you are not far behind a Super Duty.

Finally, they are BIG. Really big. The space inside a Super Duty is cavernous and highly configurable to your needs. The rear seat is really best described as a storage bench that takes a seat cushion and a safety belt. You could easily load diving gear, fishing gear, firewood, food and 4 cartons of beer (some food may need to go); and still take a passenger.

You can look at options and place your order here.