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Thiesen Electronics Landing Light – ELL60

Thiesen Electronics Landing Light – ELL60


The landing light ELL60 is the logical evolution of ELL50 with even more power.

Despite its small size (diameter 60 mm) this headlight has an input power of 60 watts, which corresponds to a usual halogen headlight of 180 – 200 watts.

When used in combination with another Thiesen Electronic Landing Light 60 and the ILC (Intelligent Lighting Circuit) unit (both sold separately), your Electronic Landing Light 60 can be operated in any one of FOUR modes: Both OFF, as another strobe unit, as a pair of ‘STEADY WHITE’ landing lights, or as a set of alternating flashing white recognition lights (1 second illumination per side wig-wag’s).  The recognition pattern greatly increases your visibility and has been shown in airliner studies to reduce the incidence of bird strikes during all phases of flight.  I have wig-wags in my aircraft and they’re always on whenever I am flying.  After I have landed I am regularly told that they could see my ‘lights flashing from miles away’.  This feature works.

Be sure to select ‘2’ in the quantity window if you want two lights, and also if you want the wig-wag capability.  For wig-wag, you’ll need the additional ILC.

This video shows the ELL60 that demonstrates the ‘strobe’ and ‘steady on’ modes.

Thiesen Electronics NAV/STROBE/POSITION and Rear-facing Tail light with FLARM interface. (EPTA-NG)

Combination of Position Light, Tail Light and Anti Collision Light with FLARM-Interface

In the event of detecting an aircraft on a potential collision course, a connected PowerFLARM unit accelerates the flashing sequence of the EPTA-NG according to the FLARM alert level. This makes your aircraft more conspicuous and therefore helps to increase the safety in the airspace.

The new LED technology allows an incredibly brilliant red and green position lights with only 10% of the input power consumption compared with conventional lights.

The electronics are entirely encased in high optical plastic - which not only looks amazing, but it makes the EPTA absolutely insensitive to vibrations, water, dust and other environmental influences.

The EPTA-NG is provided with an internal overload protection. In case of over voltage the protector switches the EPTA-NG off. When the voltage drops or the EPTA is reset by disconnecting from the power supply the light is fully functional again. The overload protection will be activated by exceeding 17 V DC.

To make installation easy, the EPTA-NG wing tip lights are pre-wired.  They are easy to mount with screws and coloured silicone. For a quick and easy conversion from xenon flashes to our EPTA lights there is a conversion adapter available.

All systems are integrated into the light units so there is no need for external controllers, power conditioners, or power supplies. This can provide a significant savings of weight, complexity, and cost.


With this interface (19.200 Baud, 8 Bit, No Parity, 1 Stop-Bit) a connected Power-FLARM unit can send the emergency levels 0 – 3 to the EPTA-NG and thus regulate the flash sequences of the lights. This increases the visibility of your aircraft in flight significantly and can help to prevent a collision.

Intelligent Synchronization

Our developed "Intelligent Synchronization" schedules the light pulses so there is no overlap of the individual lighting flashes. This ingenious pulse shifting reduces the battery and generator requirements as there is only one light on at any given moment. It prevents battery and generator from becoming overloaded.

Thiesen Electronics L.E.D. Red Aircraft Rotating Beacon 2 (ERB2)

Electronic Rotating Beacon 2 - Our new development with Intelligent Synchronization and FLARM-Interface

The technology carries on - so we developed the new ERB2 for you. With LEDs of the newest generation we were able to boost the brightness of about 25%. Simultaneously we reduced the power consumption remarkably. This makes an efficiency enhancement of about 50%!

As worlds first we integrated a FLARM-Interface in an anti collision light for motorized aircraft in order to increase the visibility and therefore the safety in the airspace. The by the Power-FLARM unit provided signals increase the light pulses of the ERB2 and therefore rises the attentiveness.

As a matter of course all our LED position lights / ACLs are water and seawater resistent. Since the electronic parts are completely integrated in the ERB2, no black box or other items are needed.

Our ERB2 complies with FAR23 regulations. Therefore experimantal constructors have a genuine alternative to Xenon-Flash lights.

The extremely bright, red rotating sequencing light flash has a beacon angle of 360° and is visible at 30° below and above the horizontal plane.

Like all our other ACLs, the ERB2 is completely sealed in high grade optic plastic. As all electronic components are in the ERB, there is no additional place needed.

For easy connection, the ERB2 is already provided with a 1,5/0,25 mm² four-wire-cable. It can be installed on the fuselage or tail by its flange footing and some additional silicone.

A detailed installation instruction and shrinking tubes are included.


As worlds first we integrated a FLARM-Interface in an anti collision light for motorized aircraft in order to increase the visibility and therefore the safety in the airspace. The by the Power-FLARM unit provided signals increase the light pulses and therefore rises the attentiveness.

Intelligent Synchronization

The integration of our well proven Intelligent Synchronization allows a chronological sequence of power consumption for the connected anti collision lights and prevents battery and generator from becoming overloaded.


Thiesen Electronics ILC - Intelligent Lighting Circuit


Intelligent Synchronization

With the new ILC, for the first time it is possible to control two of our landing lights intelligently and preserving the battery at the same time.

The electronics of the ILC is completely sealed so that it is protected from moisture and vibration. Both our ELL50 with 30 W input power, as well as our ELL60 can be driven with 60 Watt input power.

The special feature of ILC is that it manages the Anti-Collision Light function of the landing lights as well as the Alternate Mode with its intelligent synchronization.

With our ILC two landing lights can be controlled in three different modes:

ACL mode: Here the two headlights are operated in the ACL (strobe) mode and are synchronized so that the battery (generator) is relieved by the best possible way "Intelligent Synchronization".

Alt mode:
In the "Alternate Mode" the two landing lights are alternating in a wig-wag style with a 1 second rhythm.

CB mode: In the landing light mode, both landing lights are switched on.


Made in Germany.

The new Thiesen landing light, the Thiesen Electronic Landing Light 60 (ELL60), with its 60 mm diameter, and at 130 grams (including connecting cables) is much more compact than its forerunner model ELL80, but has a much greater luminous efficiency. The power input of the ELL60 is only 60 watts, with the light output equal to a 190 watt halogen lamp. Again, Thiesen’s state of the art molding techniques guaranties weather resistance and therefore it can be mounted virtually anywhere on your aircraft even in the wheel pants!  Consider the Viking Nose Wheel Spacer and you can add a landing light to the side-wall of your spacer.

Do you want more innovation – do you see that hole in the middle of the light assembly?  That’s a little ram-air duct that directs the relative airflow over the cooling heatsink pins at the rear of the unit.  And that is how you get this much performance packed into such a tiny footprint.

And all Thiesen Electronics lights are built tough.  All of the electronics are completely molded into the casing to guarantee absolute vibration and environmental protection.  Sea water, rain water, pressure cleaners – no problems.  Vibrations?  Go for you life.

You can install these units anywhere on the aircraft you like – so long as they have relative air flow for cooling.

The integrated anti-collision lighting of the ELL60 is also prepared for the intelligent synchronization.

The unique feature of our landing light is the integrated anti-collision light (ACL). You can’t really do this well with halogen technology as the constant cycling of the lamp will drastically reduce it’s life.  LED technology is not affected by rapid cycling.  In Anti-Collision mode, the LEDs of the landing light can be controlled as an anti-collision light and is therefore integrated into our system of “intelligent synchronization”.  Thus, the ELL acts both as a normal landing light as well as anti-collision light in flight direction (ie forward) and increases the visibility of the aircraft in flight significantly.

The ELL60 can be easily connected to a cable of minimum 1.5 mm² cross section and is prewired with a 0.5 mm² highly flexible cord. An instructions manual and the required shrink tubing are included in the package.

Thanks to its advanced construction the ELL60 is water and seawater resistant and, therefore, ideally suited for use in seaplanes. It has temperature controls (safety cut-out if it’s overheating) and is corrosion and UV resistant.

Intelligent Synchronization

The integration of our well proven Intelligent Synchronization allows a chronological sequence of power consumption for the connected anti collision lights and prevents battery and generator from becoming overloaded.  Basically, if you have your ELL60 switched into the strobe function then the electronics that are already incorporated into the wing-tip lights will synchronize the ELL60 with the wingtip strobes to make sure that only a single lamp is ever ‘on’ at once – greatly reducing any spikes to your electrical system.  No other manufacturer includes this feature as standard.  You do not need the optional ILC unit for this capability.

The ILC is only needed if you want the ‘wig-wag’ function.

Mounting-Instruction – ELL60 – Please note that I have included the correct mounting system with this order as standard.  You just need to vent the hot air from the rear of the mount to atmosphere in such a way that there is a clear flow (like any other cooling duct you have for your engine).

WiringDiagram – IS

Additional information

Weight .13 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 5 cm


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