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Viking CH750 STOL / SD Nosewheel Spacer

Viking CH750 STOL / SD Nosewheel Spacer


If you are installing larger tires, operating over long grass or looking for that extra-special steering bar attachment then this nosewheel spacer is for you.

Lift your propeller tips 50mm higher and further avoid wear from long grass and reduce the risk of a propeller strike on any unseen rocks or logs that may be waiting for you – especially if you have added large tires to the main gear.  Putting Tundra tires on the back will lower the nose geometry and reduce propeller clearance.



This beautifully made nosewheel spacer is milled from a solid piece of aluminum and will bolt straight onto the front strut of your 750 STOL or 750 Super Duty.

No drilling should be necessary

Supplied with all required hardware to complete the installation in about 10 minutes (single person job).

Incorporating pre-drilled holes to accommodate the Zenith Tow Bar option (pictured in yellow), and additional holes on each side ready to accept your own creations (such as a camera mount).

Additional information

Weight .45 kg
Dimensions 5 cm

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