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Thiesen Electronics Landing Light – ELL50

Thiesen Electronics Landing Light – ELL50



When used in combination with another Thiesen Electronic Landing Light 50 and the ILC (Intelligent Lighting Circuit) unit (both sold separately), your Electronic Landing Light 50 can be operated in any one of FOUR modes: Both OFF, as another strobe unit, as a pair of ‘STEADY WHITE’ landing lights, or as a set of alternating flashing white recognition lights (1 second illumination per side wig-wag’s).  The recognition pattern greatly increases your visibility and has been shown in airliner studies to reduce the incidence of birdstrikes during all phases of flight.  I have wig-wags in my aircraft and they’re always on whenever I am flying.  After I have landed I am regularly told that they could see my ‘lights flashing from miles away’.  This feature works.

Be sure to select ‘2’ in the quantity window if you want two lights, and also if you want the wig-wag capability.  For wig-wag, you’ll need the additional ILC.

This video shows the similar ELL60 that demonstrates the ‘strobe’ and ‘steady on’ modes.

ET-ELL50 - Fitting System for Landing Light ELL50

This fitting system allows for easy installation into your aircraft, with a pre-drilled backing plate for the cable run.  This kit fits round the rear of your ELL50 landing light and needs to be held in place with silicon.

There are TWO types of fitting system.  A RAM AIR type (a scoop sits at the top of the mount to push air over the fins at the back of the light), and an IN/OUT type (a tube is mounted each side of the light allowing you to plumb a hose to the light with an external cooling air source.  It could be a remote duct or even fan-forced.

ELL 50 Installation Instruction


Made in Germany.

The new Thiesen landing light, the Thiesen Electronic Landing Light 50 (ELL50), with its 50 mm (approx 2”) diameter, and less than 80 gram (2.8 ounces) is much more compact than its forerunner model ELL80, but has a much greater luminous efficiency. The power input of the ELL50 is only 30 watts, with the light output equal to a 90 watt halogen lamp. Again, Thiesen’s state of the art molding techniques guaranties weather resistance and therefore it can be mounted virtually anywhere on your aircraft even in the wheel pants!  Consider the Viking Nose Wheel Spacer and you can add a landing light to the side-wall of your spacer.

The integrated anti-collision lighting of the ELL50 is also prepared for the intelligent synchronization.

The ELL50 can be easily connected to a cable of minimum 1.5 mm² cross section and is prewired with a 0.5 mm² highly flexible cord. An instructions manual and the required shrink tubing are included in the package.

Thanks to its advanced construction the ELL50 is water and seawater resistant and, therefore, ideally suited for use in seaplanes. It has temperature controls and is corrosion and UV resistant.

Intelligent Synchronization

The integration of our well proven Intelligent Synchronization allows a chronological sequence of power consumption for the connected anti collision lights and prevents battery and generator from becoming overloaded.  Basically, if you have your ELL50 switched into the strobe function then the electronics that are already incorporated into the wing-tip lights will synchronize the ELL50 with the wingtip strobes to make sure that only a single lamp is ever ‘on’ at once – greatly reducing any spikes to your electrical system.  No other manufacturer includes this feature as standard.  You do not need the optional ILC unit for this capability.  The ILC is only needed if you want the ‘wig-wag’ function.

Please note that you will probably need the correct Fitting System as standard for all ELL sales.

Thiesen Wiring Diagram


Additional information

Weight .08 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 4.8 cm


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