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Viking 195 HP Turbo Engine

Viking 195 HP Turbo Engine


1.5 L, 4- Cylinder, Direct Injected, Turbocharged Honda Viking Engine.

Included accessories are the 40A alternator, throttle body , ECU, wire harness, gear box, torsion damper and starter. A complete running engine.

This base price INCLUDES:

  • the full engine, and accessories as described above,
  • access to the Viking Technical pages to download the latest Installation Guide and Video Guides,
  • all import, merchant, and foreign transaction fees,
  • surface freight to the Melbourne (freight from Swish Projects to you within Australia is not included), and
  • International Crating and Loading.

GST is not included in this price yet as that is calculated at the checkout stage.  The engine is available for pick up from Swish Projects in Melbourne or surface freight can be easily arranged.

The kit price changes a little every day as the exchange rate moves every day too.

Don’t forget to select the Cabin Heater Option if you would like that, and there are also options now for in-flight adjustable or constant speed propeller systems.

You will also need a Firewall Forward package to install and run your engine . . .

Viking Cabin Heater Option

Viking 195 Turbo Firewall Forward Kit - Suits most aircraft

Viking 195 Turbo Firewall Forward Kit with IN FLIGHT ADJUSTABLE PROPELLER (Suits most aircraft)

The In Flight Adjustable Propeller option is not a cheap upgrade, but it is always worth the price if you are planning on flying over about 100 knots.  I have the VIP (Viking In flight adjustable Propeller) option on my relatively slow CH750 STOL and it's a whole new machine.  I get an extra 15 knots in the cruise for the same fuel flow, lower propeller RPM for a quieter ride and a take off roll that literally got me a standing ovation from the Bacchus Marsh Gliding Club.  If you can stretch the budget to include the VIP option then please do so.  It's money well spent.

Additional information

Weight 118 kg
Dimensions 69 × 55 × 61 cm

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