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Viking 130/150 Firewall Forward Kit – Ground Adjustable Propeller

Viking 130/150 Firewall Forward Kit – Ground Adjustable Propeller





Shopping for an engine can be very frustrating.  I know, because I have had to do it too.  Getting a straight answer on any aspect of what is included with your purchase is often difficult.   Many suppliers still think that their customers are too stupid to understand the difference between price and value.  The price is what you pay, the value is what you get.  It is very simple really.

Other suppliers will try to hide the true price of your engine package behind tired old tricks like this (in decreasing order of stupidity):

  1. Not list a price at all.  Don’t these guys know how much their stuff costs?  Of course they do.  They want to collect your contact details so an apologetic salesman can try and confuse you with how difficult it is to ‘price an engine’.  It’s not difficult at all – it just takes work.
  2. List the price in Euro or US Dollars.  That’s not very helpful when you live in Australia or New Zealand.  Install a currency converter on your website like a professional.
  3. Hide the fact that GST is not yet in the price.  Yeah, that old chestnut.  Many prices do not include freight from the factory overseas either.  My prices are in Australian dollars, include GST and is the price you will pay to collect your engine from me in Melbourne.  You don’t need to leave your phone number to price anything on my website. Shop to your heart’s content and call me when you’re ready.
  4. Hide what you actually get with your FWF package.   This is my greatest gripe with comparing engines packages for value.  You buy an engine because you want it to produce thrust – not just hang off the front or you plane.  Challenge other suppliers to commit to you in writing that you will receive everything you need to install, run and fly your engine.  I will.  That’s what you get from me.  You only need to supply your own batteries, oil, coolant fluid and fuel.
  5. Hide how long you will need to wait for your engine.  12 months is typical for several of the larger suppliers, with two years becoming more common.  I generally keep engines in stock.  I order a container-load once I’m down to my last two or three engines.  FWF’s vary a little bit between aircraft types but I can fill those within a month or so.

We know in life that comparing price is only one part of the value assessment.  So here is my attempt to explain to you why my Firewall Forward package is the best value on the market. . . . .

There is absolutely no point comparing the price of my Firewall Forward package with anyone else’s Firewall Forward package if you do not have their packing list in front of you.

Don’t be fooled and don’t let anyone else be lazy – get the packing list and then you will see just how much you were NOT GOING TO GET with anyone else.

If you have heard the saying, “90% done and 90% to go”, then you’re hearing about a builder who has finished their aircraft kit, and now they are about to fight their way though an engine installation.  Many suppliers will not provide you with an engine mount or a cowl.  Then for many people, that’s where their FWF package stops.  You are expected to somehow just ‘know’ the precise specifications of a suitable coolant system, the electrical system and even the engine  mount geometry.  It’s lazy and it’s rubbish.

Viking and Swish Projects have been working together for years to develop what may well be the Worlds’ most comprehensive FWF package.   We have FWF kits to suit most experimental category aircraft – not just the kits I supply.  We can look after your Kitfox, Morgan, Highlander, Savannah, Sonex – whatever you own – we have probably done it.   I do not generally supply fuel, coolant fluid, gear box oil, engine oil or batteries as they cost a load to freight and you can get that stuff yourself from nearly anywhere.

Here is my promise to you

You will have every nut, bolt, clamp, hose, cable tie, crimp, widget and wotzit to complete your engine installation.  No small print.  No stopping work because you are missing a vital brass fitting or a length of radiator hose.  You will be able to get a mate around to help you out and the both you can keep working together until the job is done and the engine is running.

One more thing – our engine wiring is all done for ‘plug and play’.  It is as close as we can make it to ‘drop in and go’.  Your FWF comes completely pre-wired, your engine cowls are supplied with removable hinges for easy installation.  We have done all we possibly can to make your installation a total success.

Jan and I are very proud of this offering and we believe that it will force other manufacturers to lift their game.

Our engines may be cheaper than everyone else because we are able to source them at an excellent price.  These savings are passed on to you.

Our FWF is not cheaper than than everyone else because we supply you more than anyone else.  We use the very best quality materials and products and supply you the most comprehensive FWF in the market.

Here is what you get:

Cowling – Top and Bottom Fiberglass Parts.  Cowling Hinges and Undersize pins for quick mounting as standard.

Engine Mounting System – The Engine Mount and Hardware necessary to attach your engine to the aircraft. The engine mount is specifically designed for your aircraft and triangulated for strength out of 4130 Chromoly Steel with high fatigue strength that won’t crack or work harden over time, unlike stainless steel.

Fuel System – The Fuel System contains either your 1.75 Gallon (6.5 L) Header Tank (low wings) or the newly introduced 3 gallon (11L) Header Tank (high wings).  The header tank system includes 2 x 1.6 amperage pumps and a float fuel sender (10L tank only) to always know the amount of fuel in you reserve.  You get the tank, check valve assembly, fuel fittings, high px fuel filter, loads of fuel injection hose, and genuine Oetiker clamps (pliers are also supplied).  You get the clamps to hold the header tank and slotted tubing to hold the header tank clamps to the fuselage (high wings only – you don’t need them for the low wings), fuel quick-drain, header tank fuel sender AND gauge (10L tank only; if you need a fuel gauge in a 2.5L tank then you are in trouble Brother)

Exhaust System – A complete and tested Exhaust system to get the most power out of your engine and still run smooth and quiet.

Propeller – DUC Helices 3 bladed ground-adjustable propeller, Spinner and Propeller extension.

Electrical Components System – All electrical components necessary for the installation of your engine. All items are known to work with the system so you do not have to outsource.  Includes Master Relays, Engine BUS’s, Keyed Starter Switch, Starter Relay, Diodes for Contacts AND your engine’s electrical system is pre-wired and installed on a drop-in honeycomb tray along with the pre-wired center console.  All terminals/breakers/switches and through-fittings are included.  Batteries are not included as that would cost too much for shipping – you can find them yourself locally.

Cooling System (Viking 130) – All components for a complete installation of your cooling system, guaranteed and tested to provide the necessary cooling for your aircraft.   Includes Radiator and shroud, Radiator Adapter, Radiator Adapter clamps, Radiator mounting Hardware kit, Viking Coolant Tank (also includes brass barbed fittings), Coolant Elbow Hoses, Hose Clamps, Coolant Tubing.

Genuine K&N Air Filter, Air Filter tube and clamps.

Throttle Cable (dual throttle options is available).

This FWF is tried and tested.  It fits perfectly, it is comprehensive and will have you taxiing around the back yard in no time (make sure the dog is locked up first!).  Actually – the fiberglass cowls will take some trimming and adjustment for a perfect fit.  I believe all fiberglass cowls would also fall into this category.  It’s the nature of the material.  The Chromoly Steel mounts will not need any modification – they are perfect.

This price includes freight from Viking in Florida to Swish Projects’ workshop in Melbourne as part of a consolidated container-load of engines.  If I do not have stock then there will be a wait of up to four months OR you can pay an extra $1 500 and we will air-freight the engine and complete FWF directly from the USA to you.  This usually takes about two weeks.  I generally have loads of 130’s in stock (both pusher and tractor), and Viking 90 pushers in stock.  Viking 90 Tractor, Viking 150’s and Viking 195’s are ordered from the factory as I need them so they will take about a month to ship.  What I like to do is get a deposit for the engine when you buy the kit so that it’s here for you, and you pay the balance when you need it.


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