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Viking 150 HP Aircraft Engine

Viking 150 HP Aircraft Engine


This engine includes all of the great features of the 130 HP, but with an extra 20 HP of FADEC goodness at your disposal.  The Viking 150 HP engine is the perfect size to fill the space between the 130 HP and the 195 HP.  The difference in weight between the 130 HP and the 150 HP is only 2.5kg, so by going up to a 150 HP will increase your Power/Weight ratio in your favour.

Other points of difference between the Viking 130 and the Viking 150 are:

  • The injection system is different.  The Viking 150 HP uses a port injection system (no high pressure pump).
  • The block is 1.8L vs. 1.5L

You can fit your choice of Ground Adjustable or In Flight Adjustable propeller to the Viking 150, and you can even pick the type of Ground Adjustable propeller that you would like – one optimized for your preference for STOL or speed.

Don't forget your firewall forward!

Viking 130/150 Firewall Forward Kit - Ground Adjustable Propeller

Viking 130/150 VIP - In-Flight Adjustable Propeller Firewall Forward Kit

This package is VERY comprehensive.  You will receive everything that you need to complete the engine installation without having to stop work for want of a hose or a clamp.  You need only provide your own batteries, oil and coolant.  That's it.

The price is only applicable if purchased with a Viking engine as the FWF will ship with the engine (no provision is made in this quote for freight).  Also, the FWF is compiled by Viking from a range of suppliers so prices can change faster than I can keep this page updated.  Please only treat this price as a quote - your invoice will be generated separately after I have received price advice from Viking.  This allows us to keep prices down to the minimum.  Price updated on 02 April 22.

You get:

Engine Mount (all hardware; 4130 Chromoly Steel),

Cowlings (including a hinge connection system for quick removal and installation)

Compete exhaust system

Complete liquid cooling system (radiator, hoses, clamps, shroud, overflow bottle)

Air Filter (K&N)

Propeller (DUC Helices 3-blade carbon, prop extension, 13" spinner, in-flight adjustable actuator)

Electrical (complete system is already pre-wired and installed for you on a drop-in tray.  Battery boxes x 2, relay, bus, keyed switch (already wired), all engine breakers (already wired))

Fuel System (header tank with dual fuel pumps, valves, filters, high pressure fuel injection line, Oetiker clamps and pliers)


The mount is ready to go for most aircraft types and I can arrange powder coating for an extra cost in most cases.  The pre-wired panel and comprehensive inclusions allows installation of your engine by one person + a the occasional helper in three or four days (for a first-timer).  Full phone support or I can often come out to give you a hand if you like.

Viking Cabin Heater Option

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