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TY91 VHF Radio, 6 watt (complete system)

TY91 VHF Radio, 6 watt (complete system)

From: $1,850.00

  • Compact size, low weight – takes minimal panel space, only 74mm deep
  • Unique ‘Push Step’ feature provides the ‘fastest in class’ frequency selection
  • Dual watch – monitor two frequencies at the same time
  • Manual dimming feature (adjustable backlight)
  • Dual Control – two controller option for tandem cockpits
  • Simple Installation

The Trig compact radio two place intercom is optimised for use with standard aviation headsets – a number of adjustments allow the radio to be used successfully in noisy aircraft.  The compact radio also has a built in speaker amplifier that can drive an external speaker, this is preferred by some glider pilots. If using a dynamic microphone with a Trig radio please note an amplified adaptor will be required.  Overseas model shown for illustration purposes.

The pre-made wiring loom is strongly recommended – your headset jacks etc. are all wired up and ready to go.  Sold separately.

TA10 - VHF Com antenna - straight

Designed for GA aircraft, including high performance types. The certified TA10 has an aerodynamic four-bolt mounting and comes with an installation kit.

You will still need to buy your own coaxial cable.  RF400 recommended.

RG400 Coaxial Cable

TY91/TY92 short wiring harness, 1 m

TY91 wiring harness come complete with power, ground, speaker, intercom enable, headphones (x2 with aviation sockets attached), microphone (x2 with aviation sockets attached), PTT (x2), aux input, step key & transfer key wiring as well as connections between control head and remote unit.

Save yourself about 30 hours of hassle, and know that your system will work right out of the box.


The complete kit includes a TC90 control head, TY91 remote unit, mounting tray, TC90 & TY91/2 installation kits and manuals.

For 14 & 28 Volt aircraft systems

TY91 radios are highly compact and light weight, remote mount radios which can be fitted in the panel as either a space saving compact mount or in a conventional 57mm / 2 ¼” round mount hole (brackets are included in the installation kit for this purpose).

Trig’s compact radio is the ideal retro-fit that can be installed in the smallest panel. The TY91 is certified and highly capable. Easy to use and faster to tune, it takes up minimal space and weight. The unique ‘Push Step’ feature provides the fastest in class frequency selection. Dual Watch allows you to monitor two channels at the same time – it’s like having two radios in one. Compatibility with various EFIS systems (including the Levil range of EFIS products) enables remote control of the TY91 radio – it can even populate the on-route frequency from a connected GPS. A memory function provides fast frequency selection for your most used frequencies. A built-in intercom with mic gain adjustment on each headset ensures great performance, even when headsets brands don’t match.

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