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RG400 Coaxial Cable

RG400 Coaxial Cable




RG-400 coaxial cable is manufactured for high temperature, high performance, and low noise applications which meet MIL-C-17 specifications. The RG-400 coaxial cable has a silver plated, stranded copper conductor and two braided shields.

It’s very expensive, and it’s very good.

Any time I get a phone call from a customer that’s having problems with their radios, the first thing I ask them is what kind of coaxial cable they used.  Long story short – buy this cable.  It’s the only correct cable that you should get, you only need a few meters of it for the whole job and it’s a very important part of your communications hardware.  Don’t skimp on cheap TV cable and wonder why your expensive radio and transponder is not working very well.

Price is per meter.  No minimum order.  You will need to have your own fittings to make the cable work OK.  Sometimes I can fit them for you too (I need to quote this work) – just let me know what you need.

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