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iLevil BOM

iLevil BOM


The BOM is your ideal instrumentation or back-up solution! This wireless aerodynamic pod that mounts underneath the wing of your aircraft measures angle of attack, indicated airspeed, WAAS GPS, AHRS, ADS-B in, and data recording. It provides an affordable solution that gives you the peace of mind to safely overcome any instrument malfunction or related emergency. It’s also an affordable way to modernize a vintage aircraft without using a single wire!  You can even install a BOM as a backup on certified aircraft.

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What makes the BOM Special?

  • Angle of Attack (AOA) – Unique to the BOM (not available with the 3 AW)
  • Heated Pitot Static for indicated airspeed
  • High-performance AHRS and solid-state technology
  • ADS-B In Receiver traffic (weather information not supported by CASA and not available in Australia) but you will get live ADSB Traffic (optional extra, please select from the menu below if you want ADSB-In Traffic)
  • Self-powered and self-charging system (at speeds over about 70 KTS, also has integrated battery and
  • Wireless Platform offering iOS/Android compatibility
  • Automatically power on/off with the vibration of the engine
  • Small and lightweight
  • Records flight data with SD card


What are others already saying about the BOM?


“That’s awesome! I’m really stoked about this BOM. I’m a believer in ADS-B”

– Jonas Marcinko 

Additional information

Weight .34 kg
Dimensions 17.8 × 7.6 × 6.4 cm
I want my BOM with ADS-B In (Traffic information)


What is your average cruise speed?

65 – 120 Knots, 100 – 210 Knots


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