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iLevil 3 AW

iLevil 3 AW


Aviation Grade AHRS Technology

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There are hundreds of satisfied customers operating a range of Levil Avionics products in all sorts of aircraft.

Cut out the wires and the weight – enjoy the benefits of flying an Experimental aircraft grab yourself a modern solution.  There is SO MUCH TO LOVE about this solution:

Transmit to six displays, set each up with any combination of flight instruments, engine data (another module is needed for this – it takes the engine sensor data and converts it to serial data for the iLevil 3 AW unit to interpret and transmit to you tablet – this unit is available right here), ADSB – In traffic (weather information is not available in Australia – the technology is not supported by CASA) and data recording.

Use real pitot static information and constantly updated applications to add more and more features to your cockpit.

LATEST RELEASE **** The brand new iLevil AP is now available and it has all of the features that we love about the 3AW with the addition of powering an Auto pilot functionality.  If you would like Auto Pilot for your Experimental Aircraft at a very reasonable price, then please check out the iLevil AP here.  You can not operate an Auto Pilot from the 3AW version of this product.

The Levil range of products (flight instruments) have been chosen because of how well they integrate with the GRT EIS (engine monitoring) and Trig VHF/Transponder (communications).  This combination represents the best value ‘complete panel’ that I can find.  It is all very powerful, fully featured and easy to integrate.  It’s a ‘plug and play’ as I can make it.  All of this gear is light weight, draws very little power and will exceed your expectations in value for money.  Plus, it’s all so compact that there’s plenty of room in your panel if you decide to go ‘mainstream glass’ at a later point down the road – you can use this gear as the ultimate fallback equipment.  It’s a great way to get flying quickly and economically.  My bet – you’ll love it and never change a thing.


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Weight .85 kg
Dimensions 28 × 17 × 6 cm
GPS Type

Standard, ADSB-Approved


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