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Lycoming/Continental Engines

Lycoming/Continental Engines



This is the Engine Indication System that I supply as it is absolutely guaranteed to immediately work with your iLevil 3AW.  This is the link between your aircraft’s engine and your iLevil 3AW wireless cockpit solution.

The GRT EIS hardware includes all of the senders that your engine will need if you are to monitor critical parameters.  If your iPad should fail for whatever reason, or you choose to use the entire display for navigation or flight instruments – no problems.  The GRT EIS Package includes a separate and independent LCD display for all of your essential engine information.

For iLevel integration – simply plug your GRT EIS unit into the serial port on the iLevil 3AW unit (sold separately) and it will work.  Done. Synthetic engine data displays are now available and configurable on your iPad right along side your essential flight instrumentation.

Includes EIS, wiring harness, CHT probes, EGT probes, Oil Pressure and Oil Temperatures sensors.

The ‘Advanced’ version adds Fuel Flow (one way), Fuel Pressure, Manifold Pressure and Hall-effect Current Sensor.

Price includes freight from the USA or Australia to your door.

Additional information

Weight .34 kg
Dimensions 17.8 × 7.6 × 6.4 cm

Advanced, Basic

Number of Cylinders

Four Cylinders, Six Cylinders

Fuel System

Carburetor, Fuel Injection

CHT Probe Type

18mm Ring, Bayonet


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