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Velocity XL “eXtra Large” 4-seater

Velocity XL “eXtra Large” 4-seater

From: $70,000.00

This price includes all costs (except GST – that’s added at checkout) to land your kit at Swish Projects’ workshop in Melbourne.  All merchant and foreign transaction fees, all customs clearance fees/duties, freight, freight insurance, international crating – the works.

Every basic airframe package includes:

  • Fixed landing gear
  • single centerline mounted flight control stick system
  • gull wing doors
  • dual rudder pedals with dual toe brakes
  • detailed construction manual – in fact, this is the most comprehensive construction manual I have ever seen.  It’s a work of art and provides brilliant detail for every step of the project.
  • unlimited factory technical support via telephone and e-mail.  If I can’t help you here at Swish Projects then the factory guys in Florida certainly can.


Velocity Fast Build Wings/Canard

Price is only valid if ordered and shipped with the Basic Kit.


Velocity Fast Build Fuselage

Price is only valid if ordered and shipped with the Basic Kit.


Velocity Retractable Landing Gear

Price is only valid if ordered and shipped with the Basic Kit.


Velocity XL Dash-5 upgrade

Price is only valid if ordered and shipped with the Basic Kit.



No other kit aircraft offers the performance, comfort and superior aesthetics of the standard Velocity.  The XL is basically the SE, but everything is just that little bit larger.  Extra head room, extra length and the opportunity for larger fuel capacity and engine choices.

You don’t land in this aircraft – you arrive in it.  Ramp appeal; head turner; call it what you like.  Most importantly, it’s not another RV.

The Velocity’s stall-proof and spin-proof aerodynamic stability is one of its strongest assets.  Quite simply, the canard wing stalls before the main wing does; this drops the nose so that aviation may continue without those annoying squealing sounds.  Good stuff.

Featuring easy-entry dual gull-wing doors, the XL accommodates 260 to 310 HP powerplants, providing a cruise of from 190 to 250+ knots, depending on horsepower, propeller pitch and landing gear selected. This XL kit is available with fixed or retractable gear, and also the opportunity to go from a 4-seater (all bucket seats) to a 5-seater (rear bench seat replaces the back two bucket seats).  The ‘Dash-5’ upgrade does more that swap put the back seats – you get beefier undercarriage and an extra 200 pounds of useful load.

Additional information

Weight 1112 kg
Dimensions 426 × 152 × 152 cm


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