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Molex 63811-4400 Hand Crimp Tool for MX150L Crimp Termainals

Molex 63811-4400 Hand Crimp Tool for MX150L Crimp Termainals


The price is PER WEEK, or part thereof.  If you decide to sit on it for a month, that’s fine – your deposit will be adjusted for the final hire amount.  After 10 weeks of not returning it – you may as well keep it.

The dates are taken from when my tracking says the box has been delivered to you, and from when my tracking says the box has been sent back.  Without these strict terms people sit on these things for months while I’m begging for it back, so unfortunately that’s how it is now.

This is a very expensive and fragile tool.  It is very well packaged and is inspected before it ships; and again on return.  Any damage will result in you being the proud owner of this box and I will return it to you, no refunds.  The dies will be damaged if the crimps are not correctly installed and as you can see in the instructions – Molex do not sell dies separately – a whole new tool needs to be purchased.

The deposit will be returned to your nominated account after the unit is returned and inspected and the contents of the box have been checked back in.

I regret that these conditions are so bluntly stated, but at least now you have the choice to rent from me or buy your own from Molex in Germany.


This Molex genuine crimping tool is made in Germany and is the only approved means of connecting wires to Molex MX150L crimp terminals.  For a full understanding of how the tool works, please see the downloadable Molex Hand Crimping Tool Instructions.

Attention: This Molex product is worth $1,000 to replace.  If it’s damaged then it’s yours to keep and you forfeited the full $1,000 deposit and rental fee. Rental is only available in Australia.  

You will need this tool if you do not purchase the complete pre-wired Vertical Power loom.  If you have only purchased the Connector Kit (and saved $700) then you will need this tool to make your own harness for the Vertical Power system.

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