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Thiesen Electronics Tail Light (TL-NG)

Thiesen Electronics Tail Light (TL-NG)


Color          Bright white light

Operating voltage          10 – 17 Volts (DC), typically: 12.8 – 13.4 Volts (on-board power supply)

Wattage          5 Watts (approx.), 1 Amp. peak current

Dimensions          52.6 x 42 x 21.5 mm (L x W x H)

Drill hole          4.5 mm

Weight          approx. 28 Grams including cables

Warranty          5.000 operating hours or max. 3 years from date of purchase


This New Generation of LED tail light is made in Germany and ships standard with Thiessen Electronics’ unique ‘Intelligent Synchronization’ and ACL-Functions.  What does this all mean?  Well it’s German-engineered (and that’s the best there is), and the circuitry spreads the flashing of your aircraft lighting system in such as way as to avoid ‘peaking’ the drag on your circuit by not illuminating two flashing lights at the same time.  Simple idea and very effective.  The ACL-Function is an Anti Collision function that is selectable in the cockpit to give a more distinguishable strobing function.  You can operate this white tail light as either a steady white, or stobe.

The entire board and LED’s are all cast into a high-optic, scratch-resistant plastic resin.  This makes the light totally impervious to dust, water, salt and insects.  Perfect for all applications – including salt water amphibious operations.

Eye protection is definitely recommended if you are too close to these lights.  They will leave you praising Jesus, walking into stuff and seeing red spots for about 5 minutes (ask me how I know).

The main point of difference between the Thiesen Electronics products versus other manufacturers (such as Whelan or AeroLED) is the molded plastic resin that is used to completely enclose the Thiesen lights.  NOTHING will ever get onto your LED lights with this system.  There is no lens to crack, no gaps to allow water or salt air in and corrode your lights.  I think they compare favorably on price and you get a 3 year factory warranty.

Additional information

Weight 0.085 kg
Dimensions 6.1 × 4.4 × 3.9 cm


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