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Viking Steel Bungee

Viking Steel Bungee


If you have the newer ‘puck’ style of front suspension (which all new kit buyers do get as standard now) – then you probably will not need the Viking Steel Bungee.  The new Zenith puck system is a big improvement on the rubber band.

The Viking Steel Bungee was developed from the real need for something better than the older style Zenith rubber bungee suspension system.

The rubber band suspension system that many Zenith owners still fly around with has a few issues.  You don’t know quite how long it will last or if it will just snap one day, it’s a bastard to swap over when you need to install a new one, and it cannot be adjusted to give you a nice ride on the front wheel.

This innovative solution from Viking Aircraft uses the original front components and is so damn easy to install.  It’s very clever, but also so simple when you get it in your hands. With over 800 sold, it has proven to be a simple, yet effective design.

I installed one on my 750 and have never looked back.  It is a big improvement and was a very easy job to complete.  I would say it took me about 90 minutes, and it would have been quicker if I wasn’t filming it.

The price includes air-freight direct from Viking to you.  GST is not yet included in the price, that is added at the checkout.

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“[We] now have nearly 3” of travel. The kit features a neat pre-load feature so that, when the aircraft is in the air and the gear is resting on its bottom stop, the tension in the spring is removed. Think of it as being able to adjust how far off the bottom stop the gear has to travel before the spring engages.

Anyway, this has the effect of DRAMATICALLY lightening the rudder in flight because the spring is not pushing the gear leg down onto the bottom stops the entire time. The old joke among 701 pilots is that the rudder is “set it and forget it” – the bungee makes it so stiff. But not anymore! The rudder is now as light and responsive as the other controls. Great improvement!

My advice to anyone about to replace the bungee – order one of these kits. You won’t regret it.

Seb Dewhurst”

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