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5 Point Buckle Seat-Belt Harness 601/650 – Set of 2

5 Point Buckle Seat-Belt Harness 601/650 – Set of 2


It’s well established that a good helmet and a proper harness will do great things to improve your prospects after an abrupt and unplanned stop.  A 601 pilot in Australia found his aircraft hanging from a tree after his engine quit early in 2020.  He was uninjured until he fell 8m to the ground.  A good harness is not just for a hard landing either – I was lifted out of the seat during phase one test flying on my 750.  It’s a bit awkward not being able to reach the rudder pedals during a deep stall.  I now own this seat belt kit and I really like it.

Seat belt kit includes all necessary items for installation in a Zenith 601 or 650 Series aircraft.  There is an extra steel brace that runs across the rear of the cabin – this can be powder coated if requested (or you could arrange this yourself locally).

This is a set of TWO belts (pilot and passenger) and includes:

  • Seat belts x 2
  • Steel rear bar
  • Attachment brackets
  • Hardware necessary including rivets

Please note – this  price does not include freight to you if you do not purchase this option with your kit.  Freight will be calculated and invoiced separately.


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BESTZHEYU Universal BLACK 5 Point Buckle Seat-Belt Harness

  • 100% brand new. Never been used or installed
  • 5 mounting point with buckle design
  • Heavy weight embroidery SPORT logo
  • Reinforced high grade strap nylon belts 2” width
  • Adjustable strap for all size pilots
  • Mounting hardware, rear bar attachment all made to length ready to drill.  Bolts included.


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