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Skytek Zenith 750 Tail Skid Kit

Skytek Zenith 750 Tail Skid Kit


This tail skid kit is a great addition to your 750.  It doesn’t matter if you fly a SD, STOL or a CRUZER – you will find this skid kit very handy.

Any time you like, you can simply push the tail down to the ground and leave your aircraft perched nose-high on the skid.  Very handy for cleaning or inspecting underneath.  It makes cleaning the top of your aircraft an absolute breeze – no more step ladders.

Did you know that with no tail protection the first thing to hit the ground is your RUDDER; not even the fuselage, but your actual rudder.  If you would prefer not to be worried about striking a control surface the next time you over cook a take off or move your aircraft then install this skid.  In colder climates this tail skid is used to protect aircraft from being dropped onto the rudder after a load of snow builds up on the horizontal stabilizer.  Even with the wings tied down this can happen.

It’s a 5 minute installation with no special tools needed and all hardware supplied.  These are held in stock and ship immediately.


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