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Pre-wired Center Console for Zenith Aircraft

Pre-wired Center Console for Zenith Aircraft


Pre-wired, drop in Center Console top panel for your Viking engine. Includes the keyed starter switch, starter relay and all 6 switches / breakers needed for your installation. Also has cut-out for the Viking View instrument (can be trimmed off if desired).

You will still need the basic Zenith Centre Console kit – but you either trim off the top of this panel (if you do not want the Viking View), or the bottom of the panel if you do.  Add a 60 degree bend at the right spot and you’re in business.

The panel comes to the same level of completion as the dash-mounted version pictured in the gallery.

Please note: The Viking View EIS is not included – this is just the replacement panel with all of the breakers and switches pre-wired and installed.  This panel shown in the picture is for illustration purposes only – the completed panels now come powder coated in light grey colour (gray color for the Americans).

You will also need to buy the ‘Zenith Center Console‘ and the ‘Viking View EIS‘ to complete this installation.


Viking View (EIS)

The Viking View is used as a simple EIS to show all the engine parameters in a plug and play system.

For pure simplicity and maximum bang-for-your buck, go for the pre-wired electrical panel and the Wingbug.  You will now have full engine monitoring and all of your flight instruments installed at a huge saving to any other combination on the market.  Plus, this panel is easy to upgrade if you ever like, saves on a lot panel space and can be retained as either your primary or a back up system into the future.  All you need is your communications suite and you're done.

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