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Fuel Header Tank

Fuel Header Tank


3 gallon tank  (with float sender) or 1.75 gallon tank.  Both tanks have dual fuel pumps (1.6 amp each).

Successfully used as a replacement for UL fuel systems and Rotax systems as well.

If you’re wondering why you would want to replace the UL Power or Rotax fuel system with this header tank – well, the reason is that his is safer, adds endurance, lowers pilot workload, reduces the number of fuel connections and draws less power.  There are probably more reasons, but this is the list that rolls straight off the top of my head.

I have sold these to supply both UL Power and Rotax engines, and they are standard on every Viking Aircraft engine flying.

Here’s the thing:  No more fuel left sitting in the wing tanks as you don’t dare go below about 5 L per tank.  There goes at least 10 L.  No more fuel selector – the wing tanks both drain equally into the header tank.  Only one gascolator required and it’s very easy to drain your entire fuel system (the header tanks also have an integrated fuel drain).  No fuel selector means less components to fail or leak, no more ‘heavy wings’, no chance of starving your engine in a steep turn or if you forget to change tanks.

If you have ordered a Viking Engine with the Viking Firewall Forward kit then you don’t need this – you already have a header tank as standard on aircraft that use wing tanks (a smaller one for low wing aircraft – this does not have a fuel sender and is a bit cheaper).

Both tanks ship with the necessary mounting hardware (generic), brackets and all pictured brass fuel line fittings.  The larger 3 gallon header tank includes a fuel sender and is the best choice for high-wing aircraft, and the smaller 1.7 gallon fuel tank has no sender.  It’s used for low wing aircraft and will fit under the seat or somewhere similar.

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All header tank systems include 2 x 1.6 amperage pumps and the larger 10L tanks include a float fuel sender to always know the amount of fuel in your reserve.

This Header Tank kit ships with everything you need to compete your installation into ANY high wing aircraft (not just the Zenith range).

You get the 2.4 Gal. Header tank with integrated redundant fuel pumps and fuel sender, check valve assembly, fuel fittings, 3 x fuel filters (one for each supply line and another one just before the injectors) and 6 x quick connectors, 50 feet of quality fuel injections hose and 10 Oetiker Clamps.

You only need to supply your own bracket or we can supply that too.  Freight is not included in this price unless you purchase your header tank with a kit or Viking Engine.

See the full installation video here.

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