Dear James,

Following the ordering, purchasing, importation and liaison with both Zenith, CH Freight company and myself for the importation of my complete Cruzer kits I am compelled to send this testimonial to thank you and congratulate both companies for the outstanding service given leading up to and upon arrival of my crates.

Despite your busy life you always responded to my emails, SMSs, and phone calls within minutes at all hours of the day seven days a week. You took the time to explain things and reassure me and you even contacted Zenith in the USA to get further confirmation regarding my queries.

Your SERVICE IS IMPECCABLE. Your costings were itemized, realistic and fully detailed and you took away from the customer all of the workload upon yourself in the process of arranging the acquisition of my required kits which gave me peace of mind.

I am an extremely happy customer and would highly recommend Swish Projects to others who also would definitely enjoy your friendly attitude, realistic costs, expertise and brilliant personal service in ordering aircraft kits.

My Zenith CH750 Cruzer kit is a quality kit and has gone together very quickly due to its comprehensive, highly developed, well documented plans which has been a real joy to build.

Kind Regards

Greg Priest

Perth, WA

Zenith Builder # 11015


Week 4 into my Cruzer build