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TY96A VHF Radio, 25 kHz 10 watt (complete system)

TY96A VHF Radio, 25 kHz 10 watt (complete system)


Purchase with a VHF antenna and antenna cable.


  • Slimline – only 33mm high
  • Bright, clear display / simple user interface
  • Unique ‘Push Step’ for faster tuning
  • Dual Watch – monitor two frequencies at the same time
  • ETSO and TSO approved
  • Stereo music / two place intercom
  • ‘Say Again’ feature – allows playback of last transmission
  • Emergency button (auto-tune 121.50)
  • Configurable airfield database – holds over 200 frequencies
  • USB port on facia – upload frequency database (CSV file)
  • Highly efficient – no cooling fans or external cooling required
  • Ideal retro-fit for legacy radios – same height as an SL40
  • Unbeatable quality – designed and manufactured in the U.K.
  • Two year worldwide warranty

Includes a mounting tray, installation kit and installation & user manuals.

An FAA STC is available from Trig for the TY96A.

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