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TN72 GPS position source with installation kit

TN72 GPS position source with installation kit


  • Simple ADS-B Out upgrade for all Trig transponders
  • SABAS – supports EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN and WAAS – Satellite Based Augmentation Systems
  • Safer – visible on all ADS-B In systems
  • Enables live tracking of aircraft (with suitable ADS-B In equipment)
  • Triggers traffic information services
  • Low cost and light weight
  • Two year world wide warranty


In Australia the TN72 can be used as part of a compliant ADS-B Out system when installed with a Trig transponder. The CASA ADS-B Rebate Scheme in Australia allows aircraft owners to secure funding of up to $5,000 (AUS) for the purchase and installation of compliant equipment. Pilots are advised to check the regulations pertinent to their aircraft type, before purchase.

ADS-B Out enhances your aircraft’s visibility to others, it has genuine safety benefits for pilot and passengers. Trig transponders are ADS-B Out capable, but they require the addition of a suitable GPS source to exploit this surveillance technology. Pilots with a Trig transponder can simply add a TN72 GPS Position Source to upgrade to ADS-B Out.

Installing a TN72 is a small price to pay for enhanced visibility and peace of mind by reducing the risk of collision. The TN72 GPS is light weight, compact and easy to install. It is highly affordable and uses certified technology – ensuring you are visible to all ADS-B In traffic devices. Don’t compromise your safety by using an uncertified GPS, this can make you invisible to traffic products designed to ‘reject’ uncertified positional data.

You do not need to purchase this if you have already selected the Compact Bundle – this is only necessary if you have purchased the Stack Transponder (TT31).

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