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Levil Aviation ‘Joy’ Autopilot controller stick grip

Levil Aviation ‘Joy’ Autopilot controller stick grip


With the smartest and most comfortable grip

Introducing the Levil Joy, the ultimate companion for enhancing your aircraft’s autopilot experience. Designed with a wireless or wired autopilot control interface, this aircraft grip takes your flying journey to new heights.

The Levil Joy is an autopilot control designed to fit your aircraft’s control stick. With the Levil Joy, you can control your autopilot wirelessly using a user-friendly interface. The easy-to-reach buttons and scrolling wheel offer easy access to various functions such as heading mode, heading bug adjustment, altitude mode, altitude bug adjustment, nav mode, level mode, autopilot off, and trim mode.


Check out this comprehensive video by the developers of the Levil AP and Joy system.

Please note: This stick grip is only designed to work with the Levil AP product and will not work with other Auto Pilot products.  It connects by EITHER hard-wired connection or a quick wi-fi connection.

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Red (special order), Black

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