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Levil AP Controller – panel mount

Levil AP Controller – panel mount


This very light and easy to use AP controller supliments the full functionality that you already receive through the Levil APP on your iPad.  You do not need this to operate the AP unit – but many pilots prefer a separate controller.  This is expecially handy if you are operating on a single iPad.  With a speparate AP Controller in the panel, you can free up your iPad screen to show more of what you need – flight instruments, engine instruments and traffic.

Also, it can be tricky programming into an iPad in turbulence etc.  I personally think the controller is a good idea.  If you don’t purchase it with your Levil AP unit, at least leave room in your panel to install it later – I suspect you will want to do that after a few months of flying without it.

Also available is the Levil Joy – the stick-mounted controller.  This is a very nice product too, but it’s a big jump up in price.  If you already have a nice stick grip with the Push To Talk and perhaps existing trim controls installed – then I think this AP Controller is the best value addition.  For new builds – the Joy makes a lot of sense. The Joy replaces the cost of the PTT stick (about $100), and the AP controller.

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Installs with a simple 1.75″ hole-saw cut into the panel and four screws.  Wiring is super-easy, with only four AWG22 wires needed to connect 5V (power and ground, and two signal wires) directly to the supplied DB plugs.

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Weight 0.11 kg
Dimensions 51 × 51 × 25 cm

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