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BOM Universal Strut Mount

BOM Universal Strut Mount



Mounting small cameras and a BOM in aircraft

The airworthiness regulations are primarily about certifying the approved design of aircraft and required operational equipment, manufacturing those products and thereafter ensuring they remain airworthy.

The continuing airworthiness and maintenance regulations are framed in relation to the approved design and the terms aircraft components (CAR) and aeronautical products (CASR). Aircraft components and aeronautical products include parts of aircraft as specified in the Part 21 approved design of the aircraft, and equipment required by the regulations for operation of the aircraft.

On occasion we are asked about the rules and requirements for mounting small cameras or a BOM in aircraft, particularly whether the airworthiness regulations apply.

A small camera is not considered an aircraft component or an aeronautical product if it is:

  • not included in the approved design of the aircraft
  • mounted in a way that does not affect the approved design of the aircraft
  • not required equipment for the operation of the aircraft.

Mounting a small camera or a BOM in accordance with the above criteria is not a change to the approved design of the aircraft and is not maintenance of the aircraft.

The approved design of the aircraft would be affected by physical changes to a part of the aircraft, such as drilling holes. The approved design of the aircraft would not be affected by mounting means such as a suction cup.

Under CAO 20.16.2, a small camera or BOM that meets the above criteria is cargo. It is therefore the operator and pilot in command’s responsibility to ensure that the camera or BOM is used, restrained and stowed in compliance with CAO 20.16.2 so that the safety of the aircraft is not adversely affected. A formal approval from CASA or a Part 21 design organisation is not required in these circumstances.

The physical size of the camera or BOM is a relevant consideration for mounting and safe operation. The mass and dimensions of the camera or BOM are relevant for considerations such as the suitability of mounting means and the mounting location.

Given the streamlined dimensions of the BOM, the fact it is designed for this installation and it is very light – the risk assessment involved would be very quick and simple.




Mount your BOM to almost any aircraft strut in seconds.

This strut clamp mount will fit anything from a J3 Cub to a Cessna Caravan.  Quickly and securely attach your camera by adjusting the clamp to the size of your strut and securing it with the included UV-resistant polyurethane strap.  This is not your normal rubber strap; We work NflightCAM who has partnered with a long-time outdoor equipment manufacturer, Voile, to produce an extremely tough rubber strap that will not degrade over time.

The NflightCAM mount is FAA-compliant! Click here to read our A&P’s Guide to Mounting Action Cameras. 

If you or your mechanic have any questions, email us at  Our A&P/IA will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns!

This kit includes:

1 – Nflightcam Strut Clamp

1 – BOM Bracket

1 – Heavy-duty polyurethane strap from Voile

See product photos for installation instructions or download the instruction manual.


Material: 18-8 stainless steel and 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, milled and anodized

Maximum Demonstrated Speed: 250mph

Camera attachment sold separately at

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