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Vertical Power VP-X Sport – Electronic Circuit Breaker System

Vertical Power VP-X Sport – Electronic Circuit Breaker System


The VP-X is a Better Way to Wire and Fly Your Airplane

The Vertical Power VP-X Electronic Circuit Breaker System gives you an unprecedented level of detail and control of your electrical system, while at the same time greatly simplifying wiring.

With flap, trim and other functions built right into the VP-X, you just wire directly from the VP-X to each electrical device. You no longer have to install circuit breakers, bus bars, relays, trim and flap modules, shunts, e-bus diodes, or other complex wiring on the back side of the instrument panel.

James’ note:   I have priced up what it would cost to buy the good quality breakers, cables, connectors and the correct tools to complete this job; and I have also compared the amount of weight and time taken on a traditional panel wiring project to what’s involved with this modern alternative.  My view is that the VP-X Sport will cost about $700 more than if you went with traditional breakers etc, but it is much lighter, more reliable and easier to install.  It also provides a lot more information and uses virtually zero space on your panel.  All good things in my view and worth the extra up-front cost.

The Vertical Power System


EFIS integration Provides a New Level of Information and Control

Monitor and interact with your electrical system right on your EFIS. The Vertical Power integration means you know the health of your electrical system at all times.  This includes any cockpit based upon the Levil products.  The VP-X Sport plugs into you iLevil 3AW, AP or ASTRO + and then iLevil transmit your data via wifi to your iPad.  You can control, reset and monitor your electrical system on your iPad.  Leverage the best from your Levil system with the VP-X Sport unit.
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The VP-X Electronic Circuit Breaker System is the best way to wire and fly your experimental and light-sport aircraft. This advanced, solid-state system enables easier airplane wiring, safer flying, and provides a better, more flexible solution than traditional thermal breakers or automotive-style fuses.


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