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The STOL CH 750 Super Duty Kit comes with all kit parts to build the airframe AND complete the aircraft to the point where it is ready for engine, upholstery and paint.  Highlights of the The STOL CH 750 SD kit include: factory riveted wing spars, pre-formed sheet-metal components (ribs, skins, etc.), factory-welded components (cabin frame, fuel tanks, etc.), fuel system standard with dual wing tanks, all control system components, and all hardware required for assembly. The skins and most other parts are supplied CNC pre-cut and match-drilled to final hole size. The Airframe Kit comes with the Drawings and Manuals needed for assembly.

The Finishing Kit is included with this price, and provided the miscellaneous items necessary to complete the aircraft including the landing gear, wheels with hydraulic disk brake system, pre-formed windshield, swing-up clear bubble doors, seats and seat belts, electric flaps and trim motors, hardware, and more.

This price includes the Drawings and Manuals, The Airframe Kit, The Finishing Kit, International Crating, all applicable Foreign Transaction Fees, Merchant Fees, Customs Clearance Fees and Duties, Freight and Freight Insurance.  GST is added at checkout – this is all you need to pay for your complete kit to be delivered to the Swish Projects Workshop in Melbourne.  This price is updated daily with the US/AU dollar exchange rate.  

There’s enough here to keep you going for quite a while!  Please note that freight to Melbourne is included.  What’s the point of quoting you an aircraft if it’s stuck in the USA?  You can bring your trailer and collect it or we can make arrangements for delivery to your door.  In many cases I am able to personally deliver your kit and we spend two days unpacking it, completing the inventory and we even get the rudder all done before I head off again.


The STOL CH750 Super Duty Aircraft is the Big Daddy of them all.

This aircraft cannot be registered as an Ultralight, VH- EXPERIMENTAL only for this one.  Three seats and a huge carrying capacity are what really sets this aircraft apart from the standard CH750 STOL.

If you are planning on an extended tour of the Australian continent then this may well be what you need.  The third seat is easily reconfigured for more cargo or even fuel if you desire.

The STOL CH750 Super Duty Aircraft is so customizable –  you can build it with two or three seats.  Perhaps you would prefer to carry loads of cargo – swap out the back seat with a storage area and add a belly pod.  Maybe coastal flying is more your thing?  I can also supply you with straight or amphibious floats.  There are so many things you can do with this airframe.

Check out this customer version that has been built and flown by Viking Aircraft Engines to prove their powerplant of choice – the original turbo-charged Viking 195 HP Turbo with a very sexy 5-blade carbon propeller.  We now ship the CH750 Super Duty with the more powerful Viking 195 Turbo engine as the primary option.  You’ve come this far, may as well go all the way – upgrade the standard Viking 195 Turbo engine package to include the mighty new Viking Inflight adjustable Propeller (VIP, because you have to make the acronym fit!).  A Constant Speed or In-Flight Adjustable 5 blade propeller is a real performance boost for all phases of flight.

The Viking aircraft went with the very open feel of the Un-Panel option – but standard panels are also available if you prefer conventional glass or steam gauges.  The other options that you can see presented in this video are the Tundra Tires (ours are a little different to these ones), Lemke Upholstery (custom order – I can look after that for you), belly pod and the Viking Tatanka 4-point harness.

Being the latest model in the Zenair lineup, it is also the most comprehensively prepared for assembly.  That means more final match hole sized parts!  Check out this great video series of an experienced builder as he assembles his new 750 Super Duty STOL aircraft.  These video links are real customers that have produced candid videos about their experiences with the kit.  Of course, I can also introduce you to Australian customers that are operating Viking engines and Zenith kit aircraft.

On a final note – I have now personally assembled a Super Duty and I can confirm that this really is best described as an assembly process.  Your Super Duty will go together about as fast as you can squeeze a rivet.  This kit is the pinnacle of metal kit aircraft for options, ease of constructions and choice of configuration (panels/engines/upholstery/controls etc.).

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