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750 Super Duty Kit Upgrades

750 Super Duty Kit Upgrades

From: $75.00

STOL CH 750 Super Duty Rear Cabin Bubble Top Window Kit

STOL CH 750 Super Duty Rear Cabin Bubble Top Window Kit

This kit is only available for the 750 Super Duty.

CH750 Super Duty Vortex Generators Kit

These should be on every STOL aircraft.  They're cheap, easy to install and they work - please just get them or you are short-changing yourself on the best value performance improvement option out there.  VG's give a great improvement in control and low-end safety with no downside at all.

Vortex Generators (VG's) work by inducing mini-tornados (vortex's of swirling air) in their wake.  These vortexes help to keep the airflow effective over the elevator at much lower speeds.

They do this using magic and stuff.

CH750 Super Duty Upgraded Zenith Upholstery Kit

Includes the third seat optoin.

The padded seats with faux-leather are easy to install and are available in a variety of color patterns. These kits include seat-cushions and seat backs for both seats, a control-stick boot with a "between-the-seats" cover as well as color-matched padded cabin-sides that extend from under the instrument panel to the seat fronts. Each seat back has a full-color "Zenith Aircraft" embroidered logo on the front, and (for the CH 750) a "map" pocket in the back.

For further customisation options, also check out Lemke Upholstery.

Dual Control Sticks Option

This option replaces the standard 'Y' center stick with dual control sticks.

I have the standard 'Y' in my 750 and I quite like it.  You get used to it very quickly and it makes getting in and out of the aircraft easier.

One benefit, I think, of the dual controls would be the opportunity to replace the 'push/pull' style of throttle control with a 'T-bar' style throttle quadrant.  The quadrant would sit in the position that is used by the Standard 'Y' and could be used from both seats.  I find the position of the 'push/pull' throttle handle less than ideal as when it is pulled out (idle and when shut down) it is easy to bump with your knee.

On the downside, dual controls add expense, complexity and weight.

Dual Brakes Option Kit

The Zenith Dual Brakes Kit is a must-have if you plan to fly from the right seat, or if you plan on receiving instruction in your aircraft.  This light-weight addition includes all you need to upgrade any of the Zenith kit aircraft to permit differential and incremental braking from both seats.

Skytek Steering Rod Swivels Assembly Kit

The Steering Rod Swivels Assembly Kit seals your steering control rods from your engine compartment, reducing the risk of fumes in the cockpit. If you want easy sliding of your control rods and don't want any binding and scraping then this one’s for you. No riveting required if installed during your aircraft's initial assembly of firewall but all the fasteners are there for those of you that have already gone past that stage. This kit works on all of the the Zenith 750 range.


Towbar Kit

These are very handy and work well.  They extend telescopically so they are compact enough to fly with if you ever want to do that.

The only problem with this option is that Zenith suggest you drill through your front strut (see photo) to insert the tow bar.

Check out the linked 'Skytek Towbar Attachment Bracket' for a cheap and easy to install option that does not need you to drill through the gear leg.  I have this on my 750 and it's brilliant.  It took me about 5 minutes to install as a retro-fit.

Cortec VpCI-373 Clear

Cortec VpCI-373 is the corrosion inhibitor that is recommended by Zenith.  It is a very nice product to use, as it is non-toxic and goes on just like PVA Glue (the white wood glue that comes in bottles).  Apply with a brush or small sponge just before final assembly and the Cortec will forever prevent any vapor or particles entering into the small gaps between your riveted parts.  Keeps out microscopic salts and other corrosive airborne particulates.

Unfortunately, it is insanely expensive and the smallest unit size is a 19 Liter drum.  I pay $980 for the drum, and this 19L drum is in concentrate form so it's enough to build about 30 aircraft.  You definitely don't need much.  Probably about 2 Liters is all you need.

I supply your Cortec in ready-to-use format with instructions and a Safety Data Sheet.  You are paying for 1 Litre and the price includes postage within Australia.

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Skytek Steering Rod Swivels Assembly Kit

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