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Thiesen Electronics NAV/STROBE/POSITION and Rear-facing Tail light with FLARM interface. (EPTA-NG)

Combination of Position Light, Tail Light and Anti Collision Light with FLARM-Interface

In the event of detecting an aircraft on a potential collision course, a connected PowerFLARM unit accelerates the flashing sequence of the EPTA-NG according to the FLARM alert level. This makes your aircraft more conspicuous and therefore helps to increase the safety in the airspace.

The new LED technology allows an incredibly brilliant red and green position lights with only 10% of the input power consumption compared with conventional lights.

The electronics are entirely encased in high optical plastic - which not only looks amazing, but it makes the EPTA absolutely insensitive to vibrations, water, dust and other environmental influences.

The EPTA-NG is provided with an internal overload protection. In case of over voltage the protector switches the EPTA-NG off. When the voltage drops or the EPTA is reset by disconnecting from the power supply the light is fully functional again. The overload protection will be activated by exceeding 17 V DC.

To make installation easy, the EPTA-NG wing tip lights are pre-wired.  They are easy to mount with screws and coloured silicone. For a quick and easy conversion from xenon flashes to our EPTA lights there is a conversion adapter available.

All systems are integrated into the light units so there is no need for external controllers, power conditioners, or power supplies. This can provide a significant savings of weight, complexity, and cost.


With this interface (19.200 Baud, 8 Bit, No Parity, 1 Stop-Bit) a connected Power-FLARM unit (sold separately by other suppliers) can send the emergency levels 0 – 3 to the EPTA-NG and thus regulate the flash sequences of the lights. This increases the visibility of your aircraft in flight significantly and can help to prevent a collision.  PLEASE NOTE: You will need to purchase an additional 'Power-FLARM' unit to operate the FLARM functionality.  Swish Projects does not supply these units.  The FLARM unit duplicates most functionality that you would get from the Levil ADSB-In feature, but adds the additional flashing light function.

Intelligent Synchronization

Our developed "Intelligent Synchronization" schedules the light pulses so there is no overlap of the individual lighting flashes. This ingenious pulse shifting reduces the battery and generator requirements as there is only one light on at any given moment. It prevents battery and generator from becoming overloaded.


I recommend lighting.  It greatly assists other pilots and Air Traffic Control when they are looking for you and is a known safety improvement.  If you are going to install lighting - then please make it L.E.D. lighting. I will not supply anything else.

With conventional lighting (or ‘legacy systems’), the light output varies with the input voltage, which decreases dramatically at low engine power settings, thus making the landing lights too dim during the final segments of the landing procedure. LEDs allow consistent light output at various voltage levels.  They draw less power, they produce a true white light, they come on instantly, they don't produce as much heat and they last for ever.  Don't waste your money on old tech lights.

CH701/750 STOL/750 SD 'AeroLED' LED Landing Light Kit

PLEASE NOTE:  This is the price for a SINGLE light to go in one of your two wings.  In other words, only one light.  I have priced these as individual lights as most builders will not ever fly at night – but they may like the option of a wing-mounted taxi light or to enhance in-flight visibility.

Order 2 if you want to have a light on each side of the aircraft.  These can then be selected to ‘both on’ or synchronized for high visibility ‘wig-wag’ recognition lights.


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Thiesen Electronics NAV/STROBE/POSITION and Rear-facing Tail light with FLARM interface. (EPTA-NG)

Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 3 cm

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