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F2 Flyer

F2 Flyer


Everything in our F1-UL base kit plus:

  • 160mm Mechanical Heel Disc Brakes
  • Pre-cut Aluminium Instrument Panel instead of plywood
  • Pre-cut Aluminium Floor instead of plywood
  • Pre-cut Aluminium Seat Set
  • Airspeed indicator
  • Black or White powder coated Airframe
  • Fabric and Adhesive (3/4 naked look).  Oratex is available at an additional cost.


These ‘standard upgrades’ are bundled together for your convenience.  We can build the kit to any level of completion that you desire, add options one at a time or supply the way you like.  For example, you may not want the instrument panel pre-cut; no worries mate!  We can do that too.

This ‘option’ cannot be purchased separately and must be chosen when you buy your kit.  This is the price to swap out the standard F1 UL Base Kit with the parts needed to make it the F2 Flyer.

The picture is only meant as a guide.  Please refer to the package description for inclusions.


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