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F1 UL Kit

F1 UL Kit


Everything you need aft of the firewall:

  • Airframe- Fully Welded 4130 Chromoly Tubing (TIG additional)
  • Airspeed Indicator
  • All Required Hardware
  • Floor and seat patterns
  • Cover material and adhesives (Half Naked look Stewart Systems)
  • Detailed Assembly Manual
  • Fuel Tank, Hoses, Fittings, and Valves
  • Horizontal Stabilizer, Elevator, and Rudder
  • Complete Landing Gear Set
  • Lift Strut Material & Fittings
  • Jury Strut Material & Fittings
  • Pre-Formed Flaperon Fittings
  • Control Cables and Rods
  • Pre-Assembled Wings (Ready for rigging)
  • 11 x 400 x 5 Nylon wheels and tires
  • Windshield Material w/Pattern

We offer Quick Build Sub-Kits too.

This is the price for collection from the FACTORY IN THE USA and INCLUDES:

  • the full Airframe Kit,
  • Finishing Kit,
  • Assembly Guide,
  • all applicable Foreign Transaction Fees,
  • Merchant Fees.

The following is NOT INCLUDED in this price:

  • surface freight to the Australia – I will arrange this for you ‘at cost’.  Depending on where you live, what you order and how quickly you need your kit prices will vary between $3 500 AUD and about $5 000 AUD.  Our first preference would be to share a container with a load from Zenith, Viking or Aero Adventure for delivery to Melbourne.  If that doesn’t work then we will crate separately.  You get the idea!  Lots of variables to work out the best value way of getting your new kit into your driveway.
  • Freight Insurance.  My corporate annual policy may will be used to cover the shipment and will be included in the freight price.
  • International Crating and Loading.  This is the price that Badlands need to charge to construct the heavy-duty timber crate that your kit will ship in.  Again, depending on how we ship and what you order the price of crating will vary.  Expect about $900 AUD.

GST is calculated at the checkout stage.

The kit price changes a little every day as the exchange rate moves every day too.



These ‘standard kit’ and options ‘standard upgrades’ are bundled together for your convenience.  We can build the kit to any level of completion that you desire, add options one at a time or supply the way you like.  For example, you may not want the instrument panel pre-cut; no worries!  We can do that too.

This is the foundation kit and is all you need to mount your engine and go flying.

The picture is only meant as a guide.  Please refer to the package description for inclusions.

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