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Aventura II Kit Upgrades

Aventura II Kit Upgrades

From: $1,350.00

There are many choices when you are configuring your new aircraft – no matter which aircraft you decide to build.  Sometimes, the aircraft tells you what it needs.  In the case of the Aventura II, it is telling me it needs to be set up for action on the water and flying doors-off.

On my personal aircraft I have decided to go very minimal.

  • GRT Engine Indication System, a separate Dual Voltage and fuel contents gauge (supplied by Viking with your FWF),
  • A couple of USB Charging points, a phone cradle and two iPad cradles with integrated cooling fans and back up batteries,
  • Thiesen wingtip lights (NAV, STROBE and POSITION all in one), Two ELL50 Landing Lights, and a Rotating Beacon (VERY handy to stop being run over by a boat in poor conditions).
  • Levil AP with waterproof aileron and elevator auto pilot servos
  • Another iPad for navigation
  • Trig VHF and ADSB Transponder
  • Viking 130 HP engine for ludicrous take off performance.

You can price most of that up right here, otherwise let me know what you’re after and I can get it.

Aventura II Electric Gear Upgrade

Freight will be extra if not purchased with you kit.

Don't use your arms to lower your gear.  What are you?  A Cave-man?

Electric assistance may actually be more than a convenience if you will be lowering your wheels into the water before taxiing out onto a ramp or the beach.  Floaty tires take a bit of persuasion to lower into the brine.

Aventura II Upgraded Interior

Freight will be extra if not purchased with you kit.

Anything is possible with your interior.  Choice of materials, choice of instruments - you name it and we'll make it work for you.

This option supplied by Aero Adventure includes the luxury seats, panel sides, stick covers and carpets.  Tasty.

Aventura Dual Toe Brakes Option

Aventura Carbon Fibre Hull Upgrade



The Aventura II is a highly configurable aircraft with a few too many options to list.  Alex and his team are always innovating and bringing new options to the market.

Call and discuss your project and James will run through all of your lighting, instrument, radio, interior and engine options.

Some factory options are listed below for your consideration, but there are others – so please get in touch.

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