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Aventura II Kit Aircraft

Aventura II Kit Aircraft

From: $64,600.00

The Aventura II Kit Aircraft is the TWO seat version of the Home Built Experimental amphibian offering from Aero Adventure LLC in Florida, USA.

There is also an Ultralight single-seat version and the factory-build S-LSA version.

As much as I love my bush plane, I am secretly so very excited to have my Aventura II finished and flying.  Every time I see it in my workshop my imagination takes me to Sydney Harbor, the Whitsunday Island group, Tasmania’s remote lakes, Kakadu National Park – and the list goes on.

There are so many options available when building an Aventura II that your imagination and budget are really the only limits.  For myself – I am equipping my Aventura for doors-off, arm out the window, Summer flying fun.  Fishing sticks in the back and then take off from the farm to the ocean in no time at all.

Check out these standard inclusions:

 Electric Flaps

Independent wheel Brakes

 Matco 8″ Tail wheel

12 Gallon Fuel Tanks – Australian kits get a larger 23 GAL tank.

EZ Removable Sling Seats

AN Hardware (Army/Navy Standard)

Your Choice of Color Patterns for Sails

Full Set of Sails (Made from 4.0 OZ Dacron)

Made From 6061 T-6 Aluminum ( Anodized )

Manual Retract (Standard) Electric Retract (Optional)

This base price INCLUDES the full Aventura II Airframe Kit, all import and foreign transaction fees, freight to Swish Projects’ workshop in Melbourne, and International Crating and Loading.  To be clear – the only thing not included is GST (that is calculated at the checkout stage).  It changes a little every day as the exchange rate moves every day too.



Ready for an ADVENTURE? The Florida based company Aero Adventure produces the AVENTURA II seaplane that will simply excite the senses and have you landing on water, sand, grass, snow or pavement for all your flying adventures! Did I mention the STOL performance?! These aircraft certainly designed to work great off the water – but they are absolutely no slouches when it comes to STOL performance either –  they are taking off and landing in  LESS THAN 100 meters! Beat that in any other aircraft (let alone one that lets you land on the water or a runway).  That allows you to take of and land almost anywhere…safely.  The Aventura II is in fact a two place aircraft so bring a friend along for the adventure and pack a lunch because you may want to fly all day long!

The AVENTURA II comes standard with dual controls for ease sharing the flight experience with your passengers. The standard seating is comfortable, utilitarian, and durable for the harsh operating conditions of sun and salt – and upgraded luxury interiors are also available.

The instrument panel has plenty of real estate to accommodate any manner of instrumentation, radios and engine monitoring combinations.  Hell, add a Fish Finder if you so choose! The cockpit allows for an “open-cockpit,”wind in your hair, rest your arm out the window experience and available optional doors and cabin heater for cold climates. The retractable landing gear is standard mechanically actuated or electric linear actuator is available as an option. Bring your camera along or ask about our multi-camera option for capturing your adventures to share with friends and family!

The kit is available as a full kit and we recommend a either a Viking 90 HP a Viking 130HP engine.

Additional information

Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 609 × 114 × 122 cm

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