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DynaVibe Propeller Balancer

DynaVibe Propeller Balancer


The price is PER WEEK, or part thereof.  If you decide to sit on it for a month, that’s fine – you will pay $1,200 to hire it.  After 10 weeks of not returning it – you may as well keep it, because a $3,000 AUD deposit is required on all hires for the DynaVibe.  The dates are taken from when my tracking says the box has been delivered to you, and from when my tracking says the box has been sent back.  Without these strict terms people sit on these things for months while I’m begging for it back, so unfortunately that’s how it is now.

I have included in the box a variety of AN3 bolts with washers and nylocs so that you are not completely stuck if you forget to bring your own.  These are there to save to you a load of hassle if you can’t find your own or forget them – they’re not hotel shampoos.  Don’t take what you don’t need or it comes out of the deposit.

This is a very expensive and fragile tool.  It is very well packaged and is photographed from all sides before it ships.  Any damage will result in you being the proud owner of this box and I will return it to you, no refunds.

The deposit will be returned to your nominated account after the unit is returned and inspected and the contents of the box have been checked back in.

I regret that these conditions are so bluntly stated, but at least now you have the choice to rent from me or buy your own from DynaVibe in the USA.


The DynaVibe Classic is a state-of-the-art dynamic propeller balancer designed specifically for the aircraft industry. The DynaVibe Classic displays the magnitude and phase of propeller vibration allowing precise weight adjustments for balanced and smooth engine operation.

Attention: This DynaVibe product is worth $3,000 to replace.  If it’s damaged then it’s yours to keep and you forfeited the full $3,000 deposit and rental fee. Rental is only available in Australia.  

  • You receive:
    • Dynamic Balancer
    • Accelerometer with 30 ft cable
    • Optical Pickup and Reflective Tape
    • Carrying Case
    • Worksheets for you to complete and keep for your records
    • spare batteries
    • pen
    • clipboard
    • re-usable cable-ties and a quantity of tape to secure the cables
    • a variety of brackets to fit your engine (you may need to fabricate your own – every engine is different).  The brackets are literally a piece of 90 degree steel with two holes drilled in them – one to accommodate the accelerometer and optical pick-up, and the last one to mount onto an existing bolt in your engine somewhere.  I use the gear-box filler cap on a Viking engine.
  • Accurate – Reports RPM, Vibration Magnitude, Vibration Phase Angle
  • Results – Reduce vibration levels to reduce wear on engine components and instruments. Enjoy a smooth flight!
  • Postage to you, and a return delivery slip already paid for and printed out for you.  No more to pay.

Why balance?
A properly balanced engine installation offers a number of advantages over unbalanced equipment. The most significant advantage is in the longevity of components associated with the power plant. In many cases high vibration levels have lead to premature failure of critical engine components. Engine accessories, engine mounts, firewalls, and instruments are also susceptible to vibration damage and premature failure.

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