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Viking 195 Turbo Firewall Forward Kit – Suits most aircraft

Viking 195 Turbo Firewall Forward Kit – Suits most aircraft




Viking already make the most comprehensive FWF on the market, and now Swish Projects have specified some details to make this kit totally suitable to the Australian climate.  The inclusions are basically the same for all new kit builds, just the dimensions of the engine mount changes really.  We have a choice of propellers for your aircraft’s speed range (STOL vs. Speed Machine).  We can do pusher or tractor configurations.  Constant speed options are also available.  No matter what you are building – gyro, chopper, or any fixed wing kit aircraft – Viking have probably developed a fully sorted FWF solution for you.  Just ask and you shall receive.  And pay – you have to ask, and pay.  Then you receive.

We have specified a larger radiator for better cooling, a pre-wired drop in electrical panel to save you a load of time and the need for extra tools, hinge-pin cowling attach system for faster and easier engine access.  We have also removed the gear box oil, coolant, engine oil and batteries from the standard FWF – as there’s no point shipping that stuff to Australia.

Cowling – Top and Bottom Fiberglass Parts

Engine Mounting System – The Engine Mount and Hardware necessary to attach your engine to the aircraft. The engine mount is specifically designed for your aircraft and triangulated for strength out of 4130 Chromoly Steel with high fatigue strength that won’t crack or work harden over time, unlike stainless steel.

Fuel System – The Fuel System contains your newly designed 3 Gallon (11.3 L) Header Tank .  The header tank system include 2 – 1.6 amperage pumps and a float fuel sender to always know the amount of fuel in you reserve.  You get the tank, check valve, fuel fittings, high px fuel filter, loads of fuel injection hose, and genuine Oetiker clamps (pliers are also supplied).

Exhaust System – A complete and tested Exhaust system to get the most power out of your engine and still run smooth and quiet.

Propeller – DUC 5 bladed Ground Adjustable propeller, hub and spinner.  Carbon fiber

Electrical Components System – All electrical components necessary for the installation of your engine. All items are known to work with the system so you do not have to outsource.  Includes Master Relays, Engine BUS’s, Keyed Starter Switch, Starter Relay, Diodes for Contacts.  All of these components come to you PRE WIRED onto a rigid panel that you simply install between the back of the instrument panel and the inside of the aircraft firewall.  It’s a perfect fit and includes wired switches, breakers, battery box – the works.

Cooling System – All components for a complete installation of your cooling system, guaranteed and tested to provide the necessary cooling for your aircraft.  You only need to supply your own NPG coolant fluid (available from any AutoBarn or Repco).  Includes Radiator and shroud, Radiator Adapter, Radiator Adapter clamps, Radiator mounting Hardware kit, Viking Coolant Tank (also includes brass barbed fittings), Coolant Elbow Hoses, Hose Clamps, Coolant Tubing.

Turbo – Intercooler, radiator, plumbing.

Air Filter, Air Filter tube.

This FWF is tried and tested.  It fits. It is comprehensive.  And this FWF kit will have you taxiing around the back yard in no time (make sure the dog is locked up first!).

This price includes freight from Viking in Florida to Zenith in Missouri so that it can be included with your aircraft kit.  Shipping this way saves loads on international freight and insurance.  It is often a good idea to get the FWF with your kit.  We can also pick the colours on the propeller and even hold off on ordering that now too – they are made to order in France and sent directly to you.

PLEASE NOTE: I can adjust the contents of this FWF to suit your needs.  Also, there are a lot of components and prices move quicker than I can update them.  Please understand that the price is close but will vary.  I need to get a price from Alissa at Viking with each order.  Prices correct as of 17 March 2022.


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