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STOL CH 701 ULTIMATE Wing Tank Option Kit : 150 + Liters of fuel

STOL CH 701 ULTIMATE Wing Tank Option Kit : 150 + Liters of fuel


Now we are just being silly.

Carry 152 liters of fuel in the wings by adding an additional two standard fuel tanks to your aircraft.  Your little CH701 will now be equipped with 4 x 38 liter wing tanks and when paired with a Viking Header Tank (included with every Viking Firewall Forward kit) you will be carrying a whopping 162 liters.

Even if you zoomed around at full noise and chewed through 20 l.p.h, you have an endurance of 8 hours.  With more real-world and conservative operation, 9 or 10 hours’ flight time should be achievable.

This is actually a great option.  Not so much because it allows you to fly to Ayres Rock without a toilet break, but more because it allows you to venture to remote sites and carry all of the fuel you need for the return journey.  Accessing premium unleaded fuel is not always that easy and being able to carry loads of fuel alleviates this inconvenience somewhat.



The ‘double tank’ option can be any combination of two sets of long range tanks, standard tanks or a set of each (one STD and one LR in each wing).  Prices will be adjusted for what you’re after, so please let me know and I’ll give you a call.

The flush fuel caps pictured in the sample image are not standard, but can be included for a little extra.  This image is a customer build that I found on the forums.

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