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Pre-Wired Viking Engine Electrical System

Pre-Wired Viking Engine Electrical System




Wiring your engine panel is not that difficult. Sourcing the correct combination of cables, connectors, crimps, switches, breakers and other hardware is the tricky bit. You will need a range of specialty cable cutters, strippers, crimping and swaging tools. If you don’t already own this stuff, don’t already have a pile of the correct gauge aviation-grade cables lying around and would like to get flying sooner – then this upgrade is highly recommended.

The pricing is for the labour and purchase of additional aforementioned electrical components  that are not already supplied standard with your FWF. You receive a battery box, engine tray, and firewall penetrations in addition to what ships with your engine.  If you are installing this option into anything other than a Zenith aircraft then you may need to adapt the dimensions of the tray to fit for your particular application.

NOT INCLUDED:  Batteries 0r the Switch Panel (switches, breakers and associated wiring).  Many people are going with the VP-X Sport (which eliminates the breakers), some people prefer a push start to the key and switches are a personal preference on their design and location.  You only get the latest parts on the horizontal white surface – not the switch panel.

The picture is a sample only and has been improved upon over time with a different tray and battery box.

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