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CH650 Quickbuild Package

CH650 Quickbuild Package


The new Zenith CH 650 Quick-Build Kit provides an advanced level of pre-assembly of kit parts to save the builder valuable time and to further simplify kit assembly.

Your kit is shipped in the standard kit format to Swish Projects, and then James and his team will assemble the kit to an advanced level of pre-assembly to save you valuable time and to further simplify kit assembly.

In the Quick Build Kit, the main fuselage structure and a few other little goodies will be ready to ship to you all pre-assembled.  Your kit will still comply with the 51% Amateur Build requirement and the finest workmanship is guaranteed.  Cortec VpCI corrosion inhibitor is used on all mating surfaces during construction.

You also have the option of joining us on-site for the rest of the build (price is extra).  Check out my Bed and Breakfast at Rooks Edge for your accommodation arrangements.



The Factory Quick Build option is a terrific time-saver and really gives your new build a turbo-boost of pace.

For us in Australia, it’s better to get the work done here as you’ll pay a fortune to freight a dedicated 20FT container from the middle of the USA to your door.

Swish Projects’ team of trusted and experienced builders will assemble your standard kit on site and arrange delivery to you when it’s ready.  You can ask for more work to be done (all the way to completed and ready-to-fly if you like), or even join us on-site for guided builder assistance.

Please keep in mind that if you want a ‘ready-to-fly’ aircraft then you will essentially be buying a “Swish Projects’ demonstration aircraft”.  Basically, it would be as if you had purchased a used aircraft with 25 hours of flight time on the clock.  You will not be able to maintain the aircraft yourself (unless you are a LAME or you have built a similar aircraft yourself in the past).  This is a legal limitation imposed by the uncertified Experimental category of Amateur Home Built aircraft.

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