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701 Long Range Fuel Tank Option

701 Long Range Fuel Tank Option


James’ note:  Again, this should not really be an option.  It’s OK not to have a huge range if you are flying in NZ or the USA – Either you can’t really fly that far or there’s an airport every 20 miles.  If you are flying in Australia and you ever plan on selling your aircraft for a good price – then please do yourself a favour and include the Long Range Tank.

Also, when combined with either of the Viking FWF kits – you will also get another 10L of useable fuel with the included header tank.

All up, your new fuel capacity will go from 76 liters (standard; without the Viking FWF) to 106 liters (including the header tank).  The extra 30 liters is pretty close to an extra 2 hours of flight time (depending on which engine you get and how hard you run the throttle, you should expect between 15 – 20 l.p.h).



This kit option increases the size of the standard fuel tanks to approximately 12.5 U.S. Gallons (48 liters), replacing the standard 10 U.S. Gallons (38 liters) fuel tanks (per side) – 96 Liters in total.

The price is the additional cost for a pair of welded aluminum wing tanks.

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