The days are ticking down to the 2024 air show season. If you have never heard of the air show season before, then don’t worry. I just made it up. But here is how it looks for this year; and SWISH PROJECTS will be at every one:

Tyabb Air Show

10 March 2024

Kicking off is Tyabb Air Show on 10 March. You will find Cooper , the Zenith CH750 STOL, and Swish Project there on display to answer all of your questions. Jump in and try the cockpit out for size, view the Viking 130 engine and enjoy the great displays put on during the show.

Wentworth, NSW

22 – 23 March 2024
Screaming Diamonds on display

This is the big one for Experimental Aviation in Australia. If you only go to one Australian air show this year – then make it this one. More like a gathering of enthusiast than a ‘wizz and zoom’ display, AusFly is welcoming to ALL AVIATORS. It doesn’t matter if you fly a hang glider, paramotor, personal jet or your pride-and-joy home-built replica Sopwith Camel. This is the place for you to see a load of exciting exhibiotrs (such as Swish Projects – Platinum Sponsor of AusFly), get up and personal with the largest collection of Experimental aircraft exhibitors in one place and enjoy a load of professional presentations on all things aviation. I will be presenting two briefs at the show – how to operate in and around Controlled Airspace, and another on how to actually plan a flight using all the modern applications and procedures available (do your flight plan in real-world conditions in 10 minutes and be on your way; not using slide rulers and maps like we are still being taught).

One of the highlights for me this year will the huge variety of non-aviation related events to enjoy around the air show display. Make a full weekend of it – one that everyone in the family can enjoy (not just the pilots). There are huge range of day tours and a Paddleboat Dinner Cruise on Saturday night. The dinner cruise is strictly pre-paid so jump on quick to get your seat.

Sun n Fun
Lakeland, Florida, USA

9 – 14 April 2024

Sun n Fun is a must-do event for anyone that is looking for the greatest range of new and established Experimental and Ultralight aircraft in the USA and beyond. At its core, Sun n Fun is “fly-in for sport aviation enthusiasts”. Here you will see hundreds of aircraft showcased in all shapes and sizes. Aircraft areas include Vintage, Homebuilt, Aerobatic, Warbird, Jet, and Light Sport. A major trade show is part of SUN ‘n FUN. Over 500 exhibitors have an incredible lineup of products and services, hands-on workshops teach hundreds of building and maintenance skills, and dozens of forums educate pilots and maintainers about safety, new products, and an infinite number of other timely topics and, of course, a world-famous daily and night airshows that feature breathtaking displays from dozens of military and civilian performers.

I will be attending Sun n Fun to meet with my current suppliers and establish relationships with new suppliers to bring great new products to the Australian and New Zealand market. Nothing beats actual 1980’s style face-time for finding great new companies and people to partner with. Drop me a line if you will be at Sun n Fun and I’m happy to show you around. It’s a busy day so wear good shoes. I spend hours every day running from one meeting to the next.

Aero Friedrichshafen
Friedrichshafen, Germany

17 – 20 April 2024

There’s no time to muck around – as soon as the last donut is done at Sun n Fun, it’s off to Frankfurt for a bratwurst and the connecting fast train to the home of German aviation and the famous factory built by Ferdinand von Zeppelin where he established his famous dirigible factory at the end of the 19th century. Aero Friedrichshafen (or simply ‘AERO’ as it’s most commonly referred to) is primarily a General Aviation Trade Show. Although there will no doubt be some flying displays – this is not really the place to come for that. This is the place to come if you want to see the latest in European kit aircraft, avionics, and innovation. Who knows what we’ll find here?

With more than 650 exhibitors from 35 countries, 35,000+ attendees and 500+ journalists from all over the world, AERO Friedrichshafen is the international community’s annual meeting place. Maybe I’ll be able to score a free beer at a hospitality tent. I’ll let you know how I go.

EAA AirVenture
Oshkosh, USA

22 – 28 July 2024

This is the Big Daddy of them all. Disneyland for pilots and the Mecca for Experimental Aircraft Builders. If you love seeing what people that love aircraft can do when they have too much time and money on their hands – then you need to make the pilgrimage to Oshkosh at least once in your life. It’s a hot madhouse of noise, people and planes. You will need all six days to see most of the show – and allow a rest day in there somewhere, as well as provision for a night show. Manufacturers are hosting events for customer and distributors, new products are looking for your attention and the displays are brilliant.

It’s hot, a bit expensive with our exchange rate, but well worth it.

This is the show where I can again spend time actually working on the display stands with the guys from Viking, Zenith, Velocity, Badlands etc. I make sure my product knowledge is up to date, listen to how the manufacturers describe their products to the public and then try to drain their hospitality budget. In that order.

Again, let me know if you will be at OSH and you’re welcome to join me as I work the exhibition halls. These are long days, but well worth it.