Since finishing my CH750 STOL, the hangar floor has quickly been converted to a home gym, trailer parking area and general dumping ground for Mrs. Swish to leave all of her junk. It is time to take it back!

Aventura II kit with some of the packaging removed.

After an hour it became clear that the best place to start was actually in the neighboring workshop area. A lot of the gear in the Hangar would need to be re-located there. Bins were filled with stuff I knew I would never use, tools were hung and shelves appeared from every wall. I painted the bench tops, added a few creature comforts such as a beer fridge, a new stereo, a dedicated brew-point and a corner office. This job was getting bigger than the Aventura II build – and my allocated time on the Aventura project was quickly becoming time on the Workshop Project.

Builder tip – get a red benchtop – they go faster.

Things are looking great now, but I fear I have created a monster. You know those buckets of random bolts, screws and washers? I am down from about a dozen of them to my last one now. Sorting that mess has probably taken about 10 hours. Tomorrow marks a hard line in the sand – it’s time for me to finish up in the workshop and move on to the Hangar.

I will be painting the walls, setting up a big screen (YouTube is an excellent resource when you’re building!), time-lapse cameras, and – dumping more junk!! God it feels good to finally dump stuff I have been carefully storing for years just in case I need it. I don’t need lengths of garden hose, rolls of barbed wire or star-picket caps. Bye bye junk!

The trailers will go to the Hay Shed but the home gym can stay. The TV will be useful for that and you can really make as much noise as you like down there and nobody will be bothered. Then – It’s AVENTURA II TIME!!

I will document the build as best I can. It’s a new thing for me, so any videos will probably be a bit dodgy to start with.

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