Electrons are not my friend. The last time I programmed a computer it had a 5 1/4″ floppy disk drive and a green cathode ray tube monitor.

You know what it’s like when you’re busy working in your business – it is hard to make the time to work ON your business. So my website upgrade got deferred until after every other job was done. But here I find myself, like the rest of us, parked in a holding pattern for the next few weeks (at least). I have cleaned out my workshop, painted the laundry, walked the dog. Basically – I have run out of procrastinations.

But I have a bit of a surprise – I am actually really enjoying the process. Glenn Andressen is my IT Guru. Glenn is based about one hour’s drive away and runs Eastcoast IT. (See Glenn – I have even learnt how to embed an address link!) Glenn is a fellow Zenith builder and is a long way into his CH601 build. He called me about a year ago looking for some parts. During the conversation he was pretty blunt in his assessment of my D.I.Y webpage (version 1.0) and offered to build me a new one. DEAL!

He asked what I wanted.

“I don’t know mate.

You bought a kit aircraft so you know what my clients need.

Just build my whole site for me and tell me how much I owe you”.

And he did. A week or two later and my draft version was up for my approval. Glenn sent through detailed instructions on how to work on the site myself and I dutifully left them in my ‘To Do’ pile for the next 12 months.

So now I am really getting into it! Glenn still helps me out on the phone for about 10 minutes every day while I pepper him with questions, but for the most part I am getting pretty good at it and should have my site about as ‘done’ as I am ever going to get it by the end of September (I will not commit to a year).

I have populated the CH701 all the way through now, so check that out for what we can expect with all of the other kits on offer. It should be a simplish matter of duplicating the CH701 and then modifying it to suit the other aircraft. I still need to work out how to prevent people from accidentally ordering two Center Console options – but it will happen.

Thanks again for sticking around while I get this sorted and for the next week or two I will still be relying a lot on phone calls and e-mails to make sure that your orders are all done correctly. After that, you can play with the configuration of your dreams to your heart’s content.

How nice is it to have prices in Australian Dollars though! With a bit more time I can add performance numbers in knots and dimensions in meters. Stupid MPH – who uses that?