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Viking Engine Data Logger HIRE SERVICE – All Viking Engines

Viking Engine Data Logger HIRE SERVICE – All Viking Engines


The Data Logger allows for in-flight recording of parameters as well as live monitoring with the use of a laptop computer. Used best for those that need to troubleshoot, or to monitor everyday flights to see what is happening. Please see the video here for more information.

This rate is for 28 calendar days’ hire of a data logger and includes return postage with a self-addressed Express Post box and insurance.

You will be invoiced for the full purchase price of $490+GST (approx), and refunded the difference when the unit is returned.  Additional time is charged at $25/week for every week (or part thereof) over 28 days since the data logger is sent.  I’m a reasonable bloke – if you need longer or miss a day or two then keep me informed and I’ll probably waive any fees.  I just want the gear back so others can use it and this seems like the best mix of carrot and stick.  😘

Australian and NZ Viking Clients only please.  Overseas customers are invited to buy a logger for their own use.


Plug this data logger directly into the plug supplied with your existing ECU.  Add the SD card (not supplied) for the ability to record your engine data for later review, and/or plug a USB lead into the logger to export the data in real time to your PC and follow along using any one of many free to download log readers.

Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 5 cm

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