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ProRig Camera System

ProRig Camera System

From: $1,330.00

At the heart of your camera system is the ProRig 4-Channel PSC Camera System.  Finally, your four cameras are all connected with their own USB cable.

  1. This powers the camera from your aircraft – no flat batteries; that’s Problem Number 1 solved.
  2. With the flick of a panel-mounted switch, all four cameras will simultaneously start and stop recording.  Problem Number 2 solved.
  3. Camera One comes with an audio cable that wires onto your aircraft’s audio plugs, so you get full cockpit voice audio onto the card of Camera One on every flights.  Problem Number 3 solved.
  4. When you land, plug your Laptop into the USB Plug on the PSC Camera box and each camera will download the footage from their SD Cards to your laptop – no more opening cases and pulling out each card.  Problem number 4 solved.
  5. You can purchase one camera, or up to four cameras for your system.  We keep a variety of mounts in stock depending upon your installation location – strut mount, inspection panel mount, and GoPro mounts – all available in any combination you like.  The cameras that we supply have dedicated firmware installations done to get the best out of the ProRig PSC Camera System, and they are all 4K High Definition and have waterproof camera case options.

Finally – a reliable and easy to use camera system that you can install yourself and re-live and share all those fantastic adventures.



The base kit for your camera system consists of:

  • 4-channel Power Supply Controller (PSC) Camera box -4 USB ports for up to 4 cameras.Safe clean power for any sports camera.12 to 28 volt input capable.

    Nearly zero RF interference.

    Allows up to a 20ft USB cable without voltage drop.

    Rugged metal case.

    FAA compliant for aircraft installations

  • 6 Foot wire harness – ready to plug into the PSC and the back of your preferred Video Display Unit (standard RCA Plug), and all terminals are made to the 9-pin D-Sub plug ready for connection to your power supply, record trigger switch, audio input, and video-out camera selector button.
  • Price includes postage to you anywhere in Australia.

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